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TEDWorthy Talks Development Program

A virtual advanced speaker training program kicking off April 2021

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Every speaker has imagined giving a TED talk - being up on one of the world’s biggest stages and sharing your story with a global audience. The TED stage has been a life-changing experience for many and introduced us to inspiring speakers including Brene Brown, Simon Sinek, and Celeste Headlee to name a few.

This year TED is hosting two Global Idea Searches with a mission to hear BIG, BOLD IDEAS from every corner of the globe. They are looking for people who can offer new, unique insights & fresh ways of thinking to a global audience. If you have a story that you believe is worthy of the TED stage, this is your opportunity to audition and make your dream come true.

 We’re partnering with Professional TEDx curator and speakers’ coach Winston Liew, to present the all-new TEDWorthy Talks Development Program, our first Advanced Speaker Training Program. This original series includes a host of training sessions designed to give you a deeper understanding of what it takes to give your talk that TED-style edge, so you'll have the confidence (and a professionally filmed video!) to help your audition stand out.

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What do you need to know?

✔️ The program kicks off in early April and is ideal for established speakers, industry experts, or entrepreneurs with ideas for the TED stage.

✔️ With Virtual Zoom sessions, you can join in from anywhere in the world!

✔️ Get this value-packed training program at a KeyNote special price of $2290 SGD

This comprehensive program includes:

1:1 Consultation Hour to review your TED idea

You’ll start with a 1-hour personal consultation with Winston Liew, a Professional TEDx curator, and speakers’ coach, to determine the readiness of your idea for the TED or TEDx stage.

Mastermind sessions where you will learn lessons from famous TED talks

This segment of the program includes 8 powerful group coaching sessions by Winston Liew. In each session, you and your fellow KeyNote speakers will analyse a diverse range of TED talks, dive deep into the speakers' strategy and come away with a template that you can use to inspire and craft your own idea.

TED-Style Scriptwriting Workshops

Over 8 group workshops, you will learn the formula and strategies to help you develop your through-line, build the strength of your argument, and deliver a truly compelling story. Each workshop will cover 1 TED-style talk with a different topic covered each week, giving you a huge variety of experiences that you can draw on when crafting your story.

Personal Coaching Sessions

Experience 3 personal coaching sessions with Winston Liew and Marianna Pascal, one of the top 60 most-viewed TEDx speakers worldwide. These customized coaching sessions will help you spice up your story and present it in a TED-way.

Film your story with a professional multi-cam production

At the end of your training, our production team will film and edit your 15-minute professionally crafted story. You can use this video to audition for the TED Ideas Search or for your own promotional purposes.

Showcase your ideas at the KeyNote Women Virtual Live Show 2021

Shining the spotlight on our talented speakers is what we do best at KeyNote. Over the course of 3 months, we will host Facebook Live shows featuring the speakers from this program. Let us take your unique insights and share them with a global audience.

Audition for TED and TEDx

Use your professionally filmed story to audition for TEDx events and the TED Global Idea Search 2021!

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Register your interest using the form below and seize this phenomenal chance to boost your skills, showcase your latest speech with a top-notch video and engage with the established speakers around the world. Seats are limited, so register today!

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Session 1: April 5th 2021

Session 2: April 9th 2021

Session 3: 14th April 2021

Session 4: 19th April 2021

Session 5: 23rd April 2021

Session 6: 28th April 2021

Session 7: 5th May 2021

Session 8: 10th May 2021

Session 9: 14th May 2021

Session 10: 19th May 2021

Session 11: 24th May 2021

Session 12: 28th May 2021

Session 13: 2nd June 2021

Here's what the women speakers say about Winston:

"Winston is a great facilitator who exudes a high level of empathy and wisdom. His sessions are always engaging, well designed, and through-provoking. I have personally engaged Winston as a coach and have found him to be a great advisor on how I can structure my speeches. On top of his brilliance, Winston’s character shines through as someone who is a reliable and trustworthy friend. I would recommend Winston to anyone who might be thinking of working with him. Thank you for being you, Winston!"

- Cindy Tien Speaker, Trainer, Coach

"Winston is a masterful coach. He is so positive and enthusiastic and very quickly helped me to hone a TED-style topic through his incisive questioning and deep expertise in this area. I recommend him to anyone looking to develop an engaging talk."

- Dr. Sarah Whyte, Speaker, Facilitator & ICF Coach

"Winston is an incredible coach. He has a way of seeing opportunities and helps you tie your message in the most eloquent way. If you have a chance to work with him, say yes”.

- Yasmine Khater, Executive Coach and Storytelling Trainer

"Circles run by Winston are as fun and stimulating, as they are safe and nourishing. Winston's listening not only brings out the best in others' ideas but also manifests the dreams of the speaker. Winston’s creativity coupled with strategic tips to hone the idea makes his coaching a true gift. I absolutely love and respect Winston's commitment and passion to bring out the best in us to curate the most powerful speakers that can benefit our humanity. I have deeply enjoyed and am very much looking forward to continuing our journey together to hone my TEDx idea further. Thank you, Winston, for your patience and care, very grateful to meet and work with you!"

- Avni Martin, Leadership Coach

"I've had the pleasure of working with Winston for some time now. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about what works for TEDx stages. He helps clients use their own unique experiences and authentic voice to develop powerful narratives and talks. His attention to detail and commitment to every aspect elevates learning sessions to catalytic experiences. Winston has a great talent for connecting the dots across domains, silos, and teams. He has a unique ability to bring people together and help them synthesize diverse ideas into something bigger and bolder. I strongly recommend Winston as a coach and facilitator."

- Kaumudi Goda, Executive Coach, Trainer, International Speaker

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