Aliza's KeyNote

Create Great Culture Even When People Work from Anywhere


Do your leaders know how to engage employees in our increasingly hybrid work environment?  

Engaged workforces deliver 21% higher profitability, so the insights and practical strategies Aliza reveals from her years as an executive to foster connection, collaboration, and a sense of purpose among dispersed teams are truly valuable. 

Her keynote guides the audience through a series of best practices to engage employees effectively. She emphasizes clear communication and outlines strategies to increase a sense of connectedness. She focuses on managing feedback loops and personalized recognition to make employees feel valued and appreciated. 

By the end of her speech, audiences are inspired and equipped with practical strategies to ensure their workplace culture is engaging employees and harnessing their full potential.  

Six Mindshifts Empowering People to Rise and Thrive


Are employees flourishing at your company? Aliza has spoken with workers at all career stages to share up to six powerful mind shifts that help them rise and thrive professionally - and love their lives at the same time. Through storytelling and relatable examples, she shares the attitudes and actions used by those who successfully navigate today’s work challenges, with advice that inspires audiences and helps them apply these strategies in their own day-to-day work lives. 

Diversity in Leadership


We all know having women on boards and in management improves performance - the statistics are clear. When you are on board, as Aliza is, you can see diversity at work - from increased product innovation to higher profitability. The key question is how to achieve greater diversity, especially when the catchphrase- “but we couldn’t find a qualified woman” is still common.

Aliza’s keynote covers allyship, corporate intention, training, and mentoring, and highlights why gender diversity is important and how it can be achieved. She addresses specific steps companies can take and actions that women can take themselves.


About Aliza

Aliza is a seasoned executive who built and led APAC businesses for three of the world's top technology firms—Google, Twitter, and Cloudflare. Named APAC IT Woman Of The Year 2020, and Top 100 Woman in Tech (Singapore), Aliza is the best-selling author of “Don't Quit Your Day Job (Six Mindshifts to Rise and Thrive)”. She has spent decades as a leader in global finance, consulting, and Tech; and has real-life experiences to back up her keynote talks. As a non-executive board director, BCG advisor, and Forbes columnist, Aliza shares her lessons learned with the next generation of business leaders tasked with guiding companies across new frontiers. Her years of experience leading Asia for global firms make her an expert in taking the “r” out of “remote”- engaging employees across locations- pertinent to our new hybrid world. Aliza has spoken internationally to corporate audiences including Visa, 3M, and AWS on Leadership, Employee Engagement, Diversity, and Career Growth.

Core Expertise

    Women in Leadership

    Culture and Engagement

    Employee Empowerment


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