Amutha's KeyNote

New ways to live, learn, love, work and be through the Neuroscience of Play 


Embrace the profound benefits of play for sustained happiness, productivity, and self-actualization. Our brains, intricately wired to absorb information through the senses, thrive on the development of complex neural networks that enhance learning and processing speed. Sadly, the neglect of hands-on activities has impaired optimal brain development, hindering learning, growth, and emotional balance. Groundbreaking insights from neuroscience underscore the deep connection between well-being and the integration of play into our lives.  


Navigate the evolving normal by finding balance and fulfillment in daily living, work, education, relationships, and overall existence through the simple act of play. Neuroscience provides valuable guidance to reshape our approach to happiness and success in today's dynamic world. 


Diversity and inclusion from a neuroscience perspective 


Harnessing social neuroscience is vital for advancing workplace inclusion and combating gender discrimination. Research underscores how biases linked to gender stereotypes, shaped by societal attitudes, affect decision-making. Neuroimaging, as evidenced by fMRI studies, reveals neural mechanisms in biased decisions based on gender expectations. Acknowledging these neural signatures enables targeted interventions, fostering workplace inclusivity. In addition, neuroplasticity suggests that interventions can induce lasting changes in regulating biased behaviors.  


Diversity training should raise awareness of biases, emphasizing their neurological basis for more mindful decision-making. A stronger commitment to equity using social neuroscience is urged for collective empowerment and achieving gender parity in the workplace. 


About Amutha

Amutha Meyyappan is a dynamic lecturer, TED speaker, and researcher specialising in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Education. She brings vitality to higher education through thought-provoking lectures spanning diverse disciplines. With an engaging teaching approach, Amutha breathes life into seemingly mundane subjects. With eight years of leadership in an education services business, she applied neuroeducation pedagogy to impact 300 entities across varied age groups.


In 2019, Amutha orchestrated the groundbreaking Neuroeducation Symposium at the National University of Singapore, drawing international speakers and recognition from the Finnish Ambassador to Singapore. Beyond her academic pursuits, she is proficient in Japanese.  


Currently, her research delves into the pandemic's impact on mental health, exploring dimensions of life, love, work, and learning for both children and adults. Amutha's diverse achievements showcase her commitment to innovative education and understanding the psychological effects of the new normal.

Core Expertise

    Balanced living through Neuroscience

    Diversity and Inclusion in Neuroscience


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