Dr. Karine's KeyNote

Keynote 1: Embracing multilingualism 


Using her deep knowledge of neurolinguistics, Karine’s keynote focusses on: 


  • The multilingual children conundrum: What research says about child and language development. 
  • The “how-to” for multilingual parents/teachers: How to lay the groundwork for a supportive environment in the home and at school. 
  • The human multilingual journey: Some pitfalls and success stories in our global world.

Keynote 2: Laughter and Mindfulness, the path to “ultimate well-being” 


In a global context of increased anxiety, Karine brings awareness and solutions on how to release our daily stress intake. “People who laugh together, work together”, said British comedian John Cleese. Trained in well-being techniques such as laughter exercises, meditation, and stress cleansing, Karine’s holistic approach helps reduce physical, mental and emotional stress over a short period of time (just 20 mins) for audiences aged 5 – 105 years old. 

About Dr. Karine

Dr. Karine Lespinasse is a language researcher and practitioner with degrees in computational linguistics (NLP) and information science. She specialised in children’s language development through her work in APAC, Europe, and the USA. Karine brings her passion for neurolinguistics and tech, as well as a deep understanding of the diverse reality of today’s global world to parents and schools. A published author, Karine has written on NLP, growth mindset in language education, Third Culture Kids, and storytelling in Asia.  


Trained by Laughter Yoga founder, Dr. Kataria, Karine also has ten years of experience in laughter therapy and healing, working with children and adults across Asia, the USA, and France. After experiencing challenging times with high stress in her life, Laughter Yoga and Reiki paved the way for her recovery and ultimate well-being.  


Karine brings warmth and passion to the stage and empowers the audience to feel positive and engaged.  
About Dr. Karine 

Core Expertise

    Health and Wellness


    Diversity and Inclusion


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