Shehara's KeyNote

Imagine What's Possible the democratization of Technology – making the complex simple 


Shehara’s keynote talks about the possibilities and the many paths to engaging with technology beyond engineering and coding, and the importance of creativity and diversity of experience. The world is changing rapidly, disruption is happening everywhere, and we are at the beginning of the 4th industrial revolution. In these times of incredible change, the opportunities and possibilities are infinite. 

Therefore, it is very important that we have diverse voices and perspectives, designing, reviewing, and delivering technology in all areas. Shehara is one of them. Shehara gets great joy from seeing the interest and excitement when she talks about technology to a diverse group of people, – ranging in age from 6 to 85. Her passion for the democratisation of technology and increasing the diversity of people in STEM shines through in her talks. 

She also has a series of tech sessions that cover Cloud, AI, and Digital Transformation. 


About Shehara

Engineer by nurture, feminist by nature; Her first award-winning keynote, aged 20, was titled “Am I Being Too Ambitious?”, referring to comments she received for studying engineering. Her decades of keynote and panel moderation experience range from Cloud Asia and TechXLR8 to teaching Cloud and AI at the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation’s ITHub. 

She was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in Australia, and now resides in Singapore. Shehara’s relentless passion for innovation enabled the design of game-changing digital experiences. She has taken leadership roles at SingTel, Telstra, and Cisco, in Cloud Computing, Security, and Software. She was the Head of International Cloud Portfolio at Telstra, helping the company create award-winning differentiation in Asia Pacific’s highly competitive cloud market, resulting in 6 industry awards. 

Shehara recently served as Vice-Chair of the Asia Cloud Computing Association and is now a Lead Advisor for Cisco APJC. 


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