Aarathi's KeyNote

Being resilient in the face of challenges that are out of your control is tough. Coupled with the pressures in the workplace and society around speaking up about these challenges, keeping hope and joy alive is an uphill climb. Drawing on her journey into motherhood via IVF, Aarathi talks frankly about the real experience from a patient's point of view, about holding space for those around you to help them find the courage to speak up.  


While finding the strength to forge ahead and thrive is a personal journey, Aarathi helps you see the clearing through the rain and seamlessly applies these thoughts to the broader corporate journey. Come listen, and be reminded that the human spirit is stronger than you think it is. 

About Aarathi

With her humor, authenticity, and matter-of-factness, Aarathi manages to take a topic that is typically a taboo and uses it to empower other women and couples to be brave on their journey towards building a family. Based on her personal experience of building a family, Aarathi speaks about resilience and finding alternative ways to go after what you want to achieve in life.  


Aarathi is an entrepreneur and mother, passionate about being in business and connecting communities through causes close to her heart. With a career trajectory that has taken different paths from corporate, volunteer organizations to start-ups, Aarathi sees the knowledge, experiences, and skills gained from these roles as her personal MBA, and harnesses this power to help nurture families and individuals on their journeys, so that they may thrive and celebrate their own growth. 

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