Abbie's KeyNote

"I help people strengthen their Joy Joints". Like the food we eat, our exercise routine and even making our bed in the morning, joy is a choice and a habit that we have to work on. I cover topics in that space such as - The difference between Happy and Joy - 5 ways to strengthen your Joy Joints -  Breathe your way to Joy When your Joy Jointsâ„¢ are strong, it allows you to better deal with everyday stress, major life events, professional and personal communication, and most importantly your view of you. We all say we want to be nicer, have more compassion, but I'm going to show you easy ways to do AND how to hold yourself accountable!"

Core Expertise

  • Self-help
  • Communication

About Abbie

Abbie is a trainer, speaker, corporate executive, and business owner. From teen mom to VP, founder of the nonprofit Kyndly and owner of a franchise that concentrates on mentoring young people, she is focused on impacting people, creating community, and building a kinder world. She believes people are looking for a human connection in the companies they do business with. As former head of sales operations and training for a multi-billion-dollar public company and VP of People and Culture for a successful startup tech company, Abbie draws from her experiences to help others focus on cultivating joy and finding the light they give from within themselves, each and every day. As a Joy Coach and Keynote speaker, she brings her quick-witted humor, personal challenges, and relentless positivity to every interaction, workshop, and engagement.


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