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"Storytelling to Change: Forward Story: Post COVID- 19 2020 started with a big bang, organizational goals, plans, strategy, vision, and mission we had it all planned but just in days, the world came to a still. The old-growth story slipped through our hands like sand and every organization now must tell a new hope, resilience, and forward story. This 30-min talk teaches you practical ways you can build that story to align, inspire, and motivate your people to find success in the new normal. Storytelling Via Videos Using the knowledge from her very successful video series on LinkedIn which has been running for 2 years now, Anjali has created a 20-min practical talk followed by 20 minutes of Q&A that teaches How to keep your stories concise for businesspeople  How to create a connection in the shortest possible time How to give great presentations on conference calls  Storytelling for Diversity and Inclusions The corporate world was quick to romance the idea of diversity. We nodded our heads and signed on the treaty called – Diversity Leads to Creativity and Innovation. However, diversity comes with language barriers, disputes over cultural differences which makes embracing diversity discomforting. This 45-min talk is about ways you can really reap the benefits of diversity. Storytelling for Women in the Workforce This talk is about very specific situations in the corporate world where women decide not to speak or to speak ineffectively to avoid the bragging trap and as a result, become hidden figures. Practical, logical, and methodical storytelling ensures that stories from women are not marginalized, ignored or treated as gossip. The talk empowers women to use the natural power of storytelling in those moments when we feel overwhelmed with the pressures unique to us. Women in Boardrooms Boardroom communication challenges for women, in a corporate setting is a less discussed topic. A lot has been written about ways women can find their voice on a stage. Prerequisites of an effective stage delivery are Credibility and Self-confidence. However, boardroom communication requires more than credibility and self-confidence. Boardrooms are about interruptions, being ignored, and being challenged. This 30-min talk is designed to give you ways to succeed in boardrooms. Some talks she has given recently: Storytelling for HR professionals and Recruiters ( LinkedIn Virtual Conference 2020) Storytelling for Diversity and Inclusion (Micron Japan, Danone Australia, Danone Singapore, Suntory Singapore 2019) If women told their stories, they won't be hidden figures (International Women's Day, National Gallery of Singapore, 2019) Storytelling for Change (Historia, Russia, 2020) Storytelling for Change (SIO, New York, 2020)

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"Anjali is one of the leading business storytelling consultants, author, global keynote speaker, and founder of Narrative: The Business of Stories. Anjali has spoken on the topic of Storytelling in New York, Russia, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and many other southeast Asian countries. She helps business leaders, data analysts, sales professionals, and TEDx speakers find and tell stories. Anjali has worked in corporate roles for over 18 years in Australia, Singapore, and India. Her background constantly informs her work, so that it is not just theoretical, but based on extensive experience, knowledge, and understanding of strategic issues companies face as well as issues that employees face in delivering their best work. Anjali partners with Global 1000 companies LinkedIn, Airbnb,  Microsoft,  Shell, SAP, Microsoft & Danone. She regularly publishes her ideas on business storytelling on her Storytelling blog. Find out more about her speaking engagements here."

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