Casey's KeyNote

"Young professionals these days are self-starting, experiential, and well educated. But many of them are entering an increasingly competitive skilled workforce, while they are saddled with debt, and less likely to have the security of pensions and Social Security than generations before them. Studies have shown these issues take a toll on young professionals. Financial concerns are a major source of stress for workers, and alleviating that stress has been shown to lead to a happier, more productive, and loyal workforce. It takes most people decades to get a handle on their personal finances, and by that time they've missed a huge opportunity: the chance to start early. Unequivocally, the earlier one starts to get a grip on their debt management, savings, and investments, the more financial flexibility they will enjoy in their future."

Core Expertise

  • Finance
  • Self-help
  • Success

About Casey

"Casey Halliley is the Founder and Chief Educating Officer of Wealthology ( She is a financial literacy expert who motivates and inspires young students and professionals to take control of their personal finances so they can live the lives they want and they deserve. After spending the first part of her career working at Citibank trading currencies, and Barclays Bank PLC trading Structured Credit Products, she founded Wealthology in 2014 when she realized, despite spending the past 15 years studying, structuring and trading sophisticated financial products, she had never received one hour of training on how to manage her own personal finances. Casey also consults for a Registered Investment Advisor, teaches financial literacy games to at-risk teens at a local Crisis Center, advises a digital insurance company on its educational content and sits on the board for The Center for Continuing Education in her community. Casey has spoken at numerous corporations and schools including Yale University and Columbia Business School."


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