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Wild Wisdom 


In her keynote, Christine shares her life story and lessons learned from growing up in the Philippines, living and working across multiple continents and how taking all-female teams on challenging expeditions around the globe via her two non-profit organisations, Women on a Mission and HER Planet Earth has forced her to step far outside of her comfort zone on many occasions. She also touches on the vital importance of knowing and understanding your values, the meaning of having grit, the courage to speak up for those who have no voice and why we must all fight for a more inclusive, compassionate, and diverse world. Christine embodies what women supporting women can achieve, and her story will inspire you to tap into your own power and take positive action for humanity and for the planet.



Eco FeminismWhy Empowering Women Could Solve the Climate Crisis  

This session will explore how climate change is inherently a justice issue—those who have contributed least to its causes will suffer the most from its effects. Christine will also share how empowering and investing in women is the best way to mitigate the destructive forces of climate change.


Sea Level Rise - The Existential Threat of Rising Sea Levels & How to Prepare for this  
As more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere and our planet heats up, glaciers are melting, raising the level at which the sea meets the land. This session will highlight what can be done to prevent this from being catastrophic for our species.


Investing in Climate – The Crucial Intersection between Climate and Capital 

The financial sector often talks of decarbonizing investment portfolios as a way to fight climate change. But portfolios can be "cleaned" without having any real impact on the problem. Christine will unpack how investors can actually help decarbonize the world and ensure the climate transition is just, global and interconnected.

About Christine

Christine Amour-Levar is a French-Swiss-Filipina, Philanthropist, Record-Breaking Adventurer, Best-Selling Author, and Human Rights & Sustainability Advisor. She started her professional journey working for Nike across the world and went on to build a global career as a marketing and communications expert and social entrepreneur intent on solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.


A passionate champion of female empowerment and environmental conservation, she founded not one, but two award-winning, non-profit organisations, Women on a Mission (WOAM) and HER Planet Earth, to bridge these two passions. Both take all-female teams on pioneering expeditions —with WOAM empowering and supporting women who have been subjected to violence and abuse, and HER Planet Earth raising funds for underprivileged women affected by climate change.


Christine published ‘Wild Wisdom – Life Lessons from Leading teams to some of the Most Inhospitable Places in the World’ with Penguin Random House in 2022, and has contributed to international publications such as Forbes, the HuffPost, the Straits Times of Singapore, Thrive Global and the Manila Bulletin Newspaper of the Philippines. Her speaking engagements have been hosted by INSEAD, Nike, TBWA, Microsoft, Unilever, Credit Suisse, TEDx, and more. Being included on Tatler Asia’s Most Influential Impact List 2020, Christine has won multiple international awards including the GGEF Woman Eco Gamechanger Award 2022, the United Women Singapore Gender Equality Impact Award 2020, Woman of the Future Kindness & Leadership Southeast Asia Leading Lights 2020 and the ‘100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World’ Award™.





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    Inclusion and Climate.


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