Anne's KeyNote

There is a common belief that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need a great idea, but at the heart of every success, you will find people. Companies are made of people. Successful companies are made of talented and motivated people, at every level of the organization. In her talk, Anne takes the audience on a journey to provide clarity to what it takes to build a positive and performing organization. She explores the challenges of being a founder, the stages of growth from a startup to a grownup company, and she unfolds the steps to become a great company to work for.  


In the heart of the keynote, Anne dives into innovative and lean models, founders and leaders should consider and integrate into their people strategies in order to grow their business successfully and at scale. As a recognized thought leader in the entrepreneur ecosystem, Anne regularly gives talks on subjects such as HR Strategies Adapted to Startups, The Future of Work, The Difficult Journey of a Founder, The Stages of Growth of a Startup and Managing Performance and Morale in Crisis Mode. 

About Anne

Anne Caron is an authorprofessional speaker, and consultant. Drawing on her 10 years of experience as a senior HR executive at Google, she set up her consulting practice in 2015 to support founders in building high-performing and positive organizations. She developed a methodology for start-ups to grow the right organization and team. She has been working with companies like Grain, Zilingo, and Go-Jek on topics such as company culture, recruitment strategies, performance management, and organizational design.  


Anne joined Google in 2005 as the company was just under 5,000 employees globally and left in 2015 as the company reached 65,000 employees, where she saw first-hand what it takes to be a great company to work for. She managed several talent teams and was instrumental in the development of a number of HR initiatives and programs in Europe and Asia. Prior to Google, Anne worked as an executive search consultant in Europe.  

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