Denise's KeyNote

"Denise Mortimer is one of the first Master Positive Psychologists in the UK. She is also a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Originally from New York, she has lived in the UK since 1985. Having been voted Most Congenial during her senior year in high school, she has continued to uphold the title by being one of the most approachable and joyful people you will meet. Denise has an innate ability to make everyone around her feel full of life and ready to celebrate. Denise believes it is criminal to not live joyfully and purpose. When she is at her best, she shines and she wants everyone to shine too. As well as carrying out speaking engagements to spread the word about Positive Psychology, She is also fun-fuelled MC at various events as well as being a business coach for women who are ready to step up and create the online business of their dreams.  Her zone of genius is in getting people enthused about possibilities.  Denise was  featured in Forbes as an Emerging Female Entrepreneur to Watch in 2018."

Core Expertise

  • Self-development
  • Self-help
  • Psychology

About Denise

"Denise loves talking about a few key topics: the most well known Universal Law- the Law of Attraction, Positive Psychology, NLP, and business. She takes complex information and makes it understandable. She teaches the audience how to become more attuned to what is showing up in their life and how they can apply  the Law of Attraction, PositivePsychology, NLP and intuition to be more intentional about what they are creating in their life and especially in their businesses - Learn how to tap into the law of attraction - Learn how they are creating their life everyday - Go away with rituals for manifestation - Become more attuned to what they are attracting - Learn simple Positive Psychology Principles that will enable them to manage their business and lives with much more grace and ease"


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