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Overcoming Life's Challenges At any given time, you are either going into a storm, in a storm, or coming out of a storm. The pandemic is a worldwide storm. Several years ago, the perfect storm blew into my life. I was pushed out of America and blew into Asia. I was able to rebound and rebuild to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to be resilient. It is something we discover and develop after each storm, while some may perish. Learn how to weather a storm, how to incorporate techniques that will allow you to find peace and balance during a storm and how to overcome hurdles and barriers that prevent you from living your best life despite the storm.  


This talk allows you to see that the storm will pass and just above the clouds the sun is still there. It's about resilience with a foundation of faith/hope. I create a safe space for people to explore real-world mental health issues. I give a voice to what others have been unable to speak of by removing the stigma to address real and current issues of mental health challenges. I give suggestions and steps on how to manage one's mental health, especially in the workplace. Participants will walk away with an ability to have true mind wellness by understanding the effects of stress, depression, and other influences that are normal but can cause serious problems if not managed. I equip people with tools to maintain balance and mental wellness. According to statistics, 1 in 4 people has a mental illness.  


This means that people are in the workplace with mental health disorders, and often these employees face incredible challenges in the workplace and are misunderstood, as well as underutilized. I speak to help restore peace of mind and create mental wellbeing through various practices ranging from positive psychology to forgiveness. My most unique differentiator is my 'Lived Experience'. While I built a multi-million-dollar business, spoke on international stages, raised 3 sons, married for 23 years, earned my Ph.D., and more, I was in denial about my mental health. I was living a public success while living a private mess. It wasn't until I accepted a diagnosis, put in the hard work, and changed my perceptions on mental health that I was able to use it to my advantage and even heal others. 

About Indigo

Dr. Indigo is a Success and Mind Wellness Practitioner. She specializes in helping people step into their greatness to live their best life. She infuses the successful practices of the West with wellness philosophies of the East. She earned a Ph.D. in Values-Driven Leadership with an emphasis in mental health, which she utilizes to help you become more effective personally and professionally. Her methodology is based on the values of positive psychology, ethics/integrity, servant leadership, etc. These are the cornerstones of her practice and what she instills in her messages. She shares how success and wellness don't have to be diametrically opposed.  


Dr. Indigo has 20+ years of successfully owning and operating a business, in the US. She launched the 4D Performance SDN. BHD., in Malaysia in 2017. She led her company to be recognized as a Top 500 Fastest-Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine in 2012 and 2013, which is huge considering there were, “Almost 28 million small businesses in the US”, according to FORBES Magazine. Her company, Careers in Transition Inc., was ranked 239th on the Inc. list. As a renowned Speaker, Dr. Indigo is hilariously honest and refreshingly blunt giving a professional twist that captures her audience's imagination and inspires their spirit. 

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