Heather's KeyNote

"1. Language Disruption: Changes, challenges and opportunities in global communication 2. Better than a Robot: Connection and communication in the AI age 3. Understood: Building a global company based on understanding Heather speaks on all things related to the globalization of language and communication: international relations and political influences on language, global corporate language policies, and keys to building positive corporate cultures that are focused on global understanding. Borderline contrarian, Heather shows the reality of global communication, bringing to light issues and topics that are normally ignored, unknown or forgotten. Heather will make you think about communication in a completely different way, showing you how bad English can be good, how developed, English-speaking countries no longer have an edge in global business, and how you can now take advantage of the disruption that is happening in global communication. Through her messages, Heather encourages, challenges and inspires every employee to speak up and contribute their unique ideas to their companies so we can all outlive our robots and maintain caring corporate cultures based on meaning, value and understanding."

Core Expertise

  • Self-development
  • AI
  • Communication

About Heather

"With over 20 years of speaking experience, including a recent TEDx talk on the merits of Bad English, and over 10 years working as an international consultant, speaker, and trainer, Heather Hansen is the perfect choice to excite your audience about present and future trends in global communication. Direct, honest, smart, and funny, Heather is a down-to-earth educator who acts as a bridge between academia and business, sharing cutting-edge research in the field and lessons learned from extensive global experience with her clients who span 13 countries on 4 continents. Heather is author of the book, Powerful People Skills and a contributing author to 3 other books in the areas of global English, people skills and networking skills."


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