Jacinta's KeyNote

"Modern Leadership Across Asia, high performing Tech leaders are under increasing pressure to drive results and performance in the age of disruption and digital transformation. How do you lead and inspire your team who are navigating constant change, in an increasingly mobile and global context, to generate an enormous amount of energy, creativity, and optimism to deliver results consistently? It requires us to redefine leadership. In this 45-minute keynote, you'll discover: * The biggest mistakes Tech Leaders make when building their teams * The single most important skill Leaders must cultivate, and watch for in their hires * The COURAGE framework to unleash your full leadership potential Jacinta will inspire the audience to aspire to be their best yet!"

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Self-development

About Jacinta

"Jacinta specializes in empowering high performing leaders and teams to maximize excellence, results, potential, and well-being. She blends her rich corporate experience with holistic wellness in an approach that is simple, effective, and practical. A veteran of the technology industry, Jacinta spent over 20 years building and managing geographically diverse teams inside some of the world's biggest and most successful tech companies. She has held strategic and leadership roles across Sales, Marketing, Business Development, and Service Delivery, witnessed first-hand how team performance and individual excellence drive tangible business results. During that time, Jacinta traveled extensively from developed to emerging markets, lived in Shanghai, Toronto, Penang, and Singapore. She is known as a creative, versatile and resilient leader who delivers results consistently. To Jacinta, she is deeply grateful for these experiences that shape her worldview, provide her with the cultural dexterity to connect authentically with a rich spectrum of people, to make a positive impact."


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