Karolina's KeyNote

"Turn Your Fear Into FIRE Become a charismatic leader who thrives on change and disruption In the current times of constant change and disruption, many of your employees are afraid of the unknown and uncertain tomorrow. They feel uncomfortable, anxious and stressed about ever-changing demands of their jobs and might be blaming themselves for not being able to adapt quickly enough to feel in control. They unconsciously self-sabotage their self-esteem, leadership capabilities and performance as they are not sure how to stay on top of changes. For your organisation it translates into decreased productivity, lower engagement and a negative impact on the bottom line. Luckily it doesn't need to be this way. We can help leaders thrive on change by increasing their self-awareness, emotional regulation and equipping them with skills essential to navigate any uncertainty and ambiguity with confidence, courage and charisma. Karolina's keynotes inspire leaders to face the reality of change, challenge their current way of thinking, and motivate them to act on what they discover in the process. As a result, they become more engaged and productive and create better performing teams."

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Change Management

About Karolina

"Karolina empowers leaders to turn their fears into FIRE, maximise their performance and unleash their inner SHINE so that they can achieve remarkable results and realise their true leadership potential. She developed her expertise while living in five different countries and working for corporations such as Hewlett-Packard in Germany, Merrill Lynch and Bank of New York Mellon in Ireland. In 2018 Karolina co-authored the book titled "Breakthrough: Secrets Of Growth, Happiness And Bouncebacks From Women Around The World" which aims at empowering women leaders to discover and follow what matters to them. Karolina has worked with leaders of top organisations including: Mastercard, Adobe Systems, Fuji Xerox, PwC, Mazars, Agilent, Roche, MSD, Shell, PGIM, AIA, Swiss Re, NETS, DBS, Willis Towers Watson, Columbia Threadneedle, Changi Airport. Karolina is well known for her engaging speaking style, charismatic energy and immense passion for helping leaders become their best and getting the best of their teams."