Katia's KeyNote

Katia is an enthusiastic advocate for women's empowerment and leadership. She walks the talk, an empowered woman herself, supporting women to find their voice and succeed in business. She inspires women to give themselves permission to pursue their passions despite cultural norms and social expectations.  


She enthuses women to embrace their discomfort zone and to boldly chart their own course, both personally and professionally. Drawing from her corporate time, she will share anecdotes and lessons from her own journey and weave in stories of other accomplished women who have overcome roadblocks and made unconventional choices.  


She will explore how to step into your power to make a meaningful difference while aligning with your deepest values and beliefs. Her KeyNote can be tailored to each speaking engagement to ensure that she delivers against desired outcomes and audience, including: Embracing P&L experience Empowering Women Leaders Succeeding in Career Transition Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges. 

About Katia

Katia has extensive experience in marketing, branding and business strategy developed in the two decades working on leading brands in a variety of international positions in FMCG companies. In 2015, she decided to stand up for a higher purpose to make a positive impact on society and she started her journey in the nonprofit sector.  


Katia currently serves as President for Tabitha Foundation Singapore - a nonprofit dedicated to lifting underprivileged Cambodian families out of poverty- and as President for the Nokor Tep Society supporting the completion of the Nokor Tep Women's Hospital that focuses on women's health. She is also Vice President of PrimeTime Business & Professional Women Association which helps professional women achieve their highest potential through inspiring talks, professional development, and networking. 


Katia's passion is mentoring & coaching people. She enjoys supporting individuals set and achieve their goals, make powerful choices and take effective action that will shape a richer and more meaningful life, both personally and professionally. Having lived and worked in 12 countries, she has an invaluable and diverse perspective on multicultural and gender issues. 


Core Expertise