Katrina's KeyNote

Mums are the powerhouse of our economy and they're responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending. How well do you know them? And more importantly, how well do they know you? Drawing on the latest research from Marketing to Mums, a highly respected industry expert and best-selling author, Katrina McCarter, will help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of selling your products and services to mums.  


Katrina offers practical solutions for marketers to differentiate your message to successfully engage with Mums. You'll gain an important commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by developing a deeper understanding of what Mums really want from brands. 

About Katrina

Katrina is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a marketing and research consultancy based in Australia. She is a Marketing Strategist who specializes in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research.  


Katrina is the author of the best-selling book, Marketing to Mums, and is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships to increase sales and profits in selling to mums. Katrina is an award-winning businesswoman and mother of three, Katrina is a sought-after international speaker and regular contributor to business media. 

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