Lakshmi's KeyNote

Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran's speaking journey started during her late teens as a science student. Her ability to break down complex science concepts and present information to the audience through interesting stories and analogies has won her prizes for best talks and posters. Her talks eventually evolved to portray the human factor in science- essentially the life of people in science. 


She thinks it is important to bring to light the real challenges and successes of people in science, especially women in science, to inspire, educate, and impact policies to make science more inclusive and beneficial to all. She stands out as an impactful story teller in science and has spoken at schools and universities on science careers beyond academia (Changing Lanes and Shifting Gears in Science Careers), science communications, and advocacy. More recently she has transitioned as a KeyNote Speaker on the topic.  


From Challenges to Meaningful Changes. In this KeyNote, through her own personal story, she highlights the five P's, Personal Ownership, People, Perceptions, Policies and Practices, essential to resolve the issue of women under representation in the workforce. In addition, her personal stories on grit and compassion, especially her encounter with the devastating floods in Kerala, India (Aug 2018), have touched and inspired many a heart. 

About Lakshmi

Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandran, PhD in Cell & Molecular Biology (USA) has over two decades of experience in diverse areas of science such as academic and pharma research, communications and research programme management.  


She is an advocate of STEM and actively promotes people in science as the ambassador of the global stories in science initiative and as a co-lead organizer of the Gender Summit Asia Pacific, 2019 Singapore (GS16). Her uniqueness lies in her versatility. She is a writer, speaker, model, role model, poet, and mother of two young boys. She shares her personal experiences within and outside of science through her blog Assorted Life Flavours on  


She has co-authored a unique memoir-cookbook called 'Roomies/Foodies', a witty and informative survival guide for Indian students going abroad. Born in India, brought up in India and the Middle East, educated in the US, and living in Singapore for the last 7 years, she is a global citizen, passionate about a better, peaceful and equal world. 

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