Lissy's KeyNote

"Emotional wellness Lissy draws from over 27 years as a counseling psychologist to present a deeper understanding of the factors that determine emotional wellness. Pointing out that the pressures of today's fast-paced, multi-tasking lifestyle act as mental health stressors, she demonstrates how understanding these stressors is key to maintaining emotional regulation and preventing psychological distress from setting in. As founding director of International Counselling & Psychology Centre, she is then also able to offer strategies for emotional wellness that are preventive, educative as well as curative in nature.  Relationship Enhancement Lissy is passionate about strengthening relationships. She guides individuals in forming authentic, meaningful connections with others whether in a romantic relationship, within families, in the workplace, as well as in the larger community. In working with couples as presenters of the "Getting The Love You Want" workshop, she talks about communication, intimacy and caring for one another as vital elements of staying genuinely connected. In working with parents as facilitators of the "Connected Parents, Thriving Kids" workshop, she brings parents into their children's world thus allowing a life-long meaningful connection that is relevant to both adult and child. Life's Transitions Lissy shines a light on the inevitability, yet possibilities of life changes. She reveals how every life stage presents a transition phase which will create a movement of change, a shift, a point of distress even which then leads to a growth opportunity if one recognizes and embraces it. She shares how discovering such breakthroughs in each life stage is the key to allowing people to experience hope, joy, and fulfillment as they go through one phase on to the next and the next."

Core Expertise

  • Health/Well-being
  • Communication

About Lissy

"Lissy focuses her practice on promoting emotional wellness. In her 27 years as a counseling psychologist, she has helped children, teens, couples and families achieve emotional and psychological wellbeing. Not surprisingly, she has been sought after as a professional speaker across the region - delivering live talks and presentations, facilitating wellness workshops and appearing on television, print, and radio. With such a background, Lissy now has a wellspring of insight to guide and share with many. Lissy's professional career has brought her to live and practice in five countries, with Singapore being her base for the past 11 years. Here, she has established the International Counselling & Psychology Centre, serving as its founding director. Recently, she has authored two books on building and maintaining genuine connectedness as the basis for lifelong relationships and marriages. Her first book, Affairs Don't Just Happen: Protect, Repair, Recover, was launched in 2016 and her second book, Stay Connected, is an interactive couple's journal released in 2018. Armed with a Master's degree in Counselling Psychology from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts and a Clinical Fellowship from Harvard University, Lissy is also a Certified Imago Therapist (advanced clinician) and a Certified Imago Workshop Presenter."


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