Lyn Dee's KeyNote

"When it comes to choosing a Keynote Speaker for your next event, Founding Chief Happiness Officer Lyn-Dee Eldridge will leave your audience or colleagues with a refreshing happiness and passion for life. Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000 in North America or abroad, Lyn-Dee will deliver a tailor-made presentation of positivity, happiness, and renewal. Lyn-Dee's motto is, I never said life was easy, but I did say you can be happier. You were born to shine, so hold your own flash-light.

Core Expertise

  • Self-development
  • Self-help
  • Success

About Lyn Dee

Lyn-Dee Eldridge is the Chief Happiness Officer/Founder of Happiness Jungle LLC. Entrepreneur Mentor, #1 Best-Selling Contributing International Author, Keynote Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor, Humorist, Certified Co-Brand Partner, with Les Brown, Creator/Producer and TV personality of The Happiness Jungle TV Show. When your cookies crumble like Lyn-Dee's has; cancer, abuse, divorce, grieving, single-parenting, co-parenting, step-parenting, becoming a care-taker, business owner, and dealing with financial pressures, you can learn how to work through everything with a happier, more positive attitude and purpose. She has been able to scale, measure and add value by turning her cookie crumbs into opportunities for growth and empowerment. Lyn-Dee helps individuals, couples, families, small businesses, corporations, non-profit groups, schools, and universities understand how to apply happiness philosophies, how to live a less stressful life with positive actions and how to control your emotions.


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