Marian's KeyNote

4 Pillars to a THRIVER Mindset in Life & Business Conscious Public Speaking: Impact, Influence & Income with Your Message Monetize Your Message That Matters: Growing Your Purpose-Driven Online Business Marian's dynamic signature talks weave her near-death experience and life-changing transformation with actionable tools and value-rich content. Her talks not only inspire audiences but also educates and activates them motivating them into action. She has delivered her talks through a concise 15 minute TEDx talk as well as gone deeper into the topics and exercises through workshops and immersive retreats. She customizes the talk to fit the needs of the event audience. Marian speaks regularly on topics around Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Conscious Leadership, and Mindset, activating people to step into their power with authenticity and vulnerability. As a certified Pranayama and Meditation Teacher, she incorporates visualization, mindfulness, and breathwork practices, creating an interactive and engaging experience for the audience. Weaving in 15 years of marketing, event production, and business development experience in start-ups, international corporations, and her own businesses, Marian also speaks passionately about conscious entrepreneurship and business as a way to create positive social impact and elevate the collective consciousness. Marian is a Filipina-American from Los Angeles, California but has lived in Singapore, China, and the Philippines with extensive travel experience all over the world. As an active leader in the AAPI community, Marian is the former LA Chapter President of Project by Project, a national AAPI social entrepreneurship non-profit organization. She is a passionate advocate for more females, especially women of color, representation on stages, and in media."

Core Expertise

  • Empowerment
  • Self-development
  • Entrepreneurship

About Marian

"After her own life-changing transformation from Survivor to Thriver, Marian now empowers individuals and businesses all over the world to create a thriving life and business. In her talks, she artfully blends soulful inspiration with actionable steps while delivering massive value to her audience. Marian Bacol-Uba is the Founder of Thriver Lifestyle, a Business Coach, TEDx & Keynote Speaker. She is also a Certified Pranayama and Meditation Teacher and the host of Thriver Lifestyle Podcast and Thriver TV on YouTube. Marian speaks about purpose-driven Entrepreneurship, public speaking, conscious leadership, and mindset. She merges her 15+ years of marketing, event production, and business development experience with her mission to create positive social impact and help elevate the voices of women globally, especially BIPOC women. She has been featured on CBS-LA, ABC-7, International Business Times, Thrive Global, Miami Under 40, and over 50 podcasts and publications. For more info visit and follow her on Instagram @mbacoluba. Watch her TEDx Talk:"


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