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Confidence? Where Got Confidence? 


How to speak up powerfully to your boss, customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders You’re on a conference call. You’ve got an important opinion to share. You wait for the right moment: maybe a pause in the conversation. You listen as others exchange ideas back and forth. Finally, the right moment comes! You lean forward and open your mouth… and then you close it. The call ends and you still haven’t said it. Why is it so hard to speak up? We’re good at our job. We’ve got ideas to share, but when it comes to sticking our neck out and saying what we think, we keep quiet. It’s all about fear, isn’t it? Fear of mistakes and looking foolish.


So how do we overcome this challenge so that we can speak up with confidence? In this humorous and lively talk, Marianna shares with you her own funny experiences speaking up in Mandarin and Bahasa Malay. You’ll hear stories of amazing people who have overcome their shyness to become successful communicators. And best of all, you’ll discover their secrets and learn great tips so that you can contribute to any conversation with complete confidence! Highlights The surprising truth about ‘Small Abang’ and other confident speakers. The top 3 reasons for not speaking up, and why you shouldn’t believe them! 

If I can do it, so can you: My major Malay mistakes – and how I survived! Local English, okay lah! But see first. See how. The one secret to speaking up without fear. In progress. Revamping. 


About Marianna

Marianna speaks about global communication. As a child struggling with dyslexia, Marianna developed a lifelong passion for simplicity in communication. She brings this value to diverse workplaces, where she helps professionals and teams to collaborate and communicate clearly. 

With 25 years in Asia, Marianna has served over 100 organisations in 14 countries. An award-winning speaker, Marianna’s TEDx is one of the 50 most viewed TEDx talks worldwide with over 25 million viewers globally. She was selected as one of the 10 Favourite Female Speakers Worldwide by Toastmasters International, along with Oprah Winfrey, Brene Brown, and Indira Gandhi. Marianna is also the author of the popular book series, English Fast & Easy, which was a #2 bestseller on Borders Bestseller List for Non-fiction. 

Marianna is widely known for her humorous, high-energy interactive style. Married to a Chinese Malaysian, with a Chinese-educated daughter, Marianna is a true authority on what works when it comes to raising the communication standards in the Asian workplace. 

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