Melanie's KeyNote

Bouncing Forward – Beyond the emotional status quo  


For a long time, Melanie felt out of place at work. She tried to fit in at a great cost to her own well-being and overall happiness. As per her own words: “I had become someone that I vividly disliked”. Her trigger to change came in the shape of a rude awakening — being asked to resign after years of dedication and personal compromises.  


Instead of settling for bouncing back to a position of “not being unhappy” after the humiliation and anger had subsided, she chose to bounce forward and go beyond the emotional status quo. Let Melanie inspire you and help you feel empowered to leap into a bouncing forward mindset. 

About Melanie

Melanie works as a Revenue Controller in Singapore and has over 12 years of experience from a Magic Circle law firm as well as a premier international law firm. She chairs the Women in Business Community at ADB-Dutch Cham which has been an active partner with KeyNote on various events covering bold, food-for-thought content. Melanie is passionate about making people aware of their ability to evolve and grow.  


She is originally from the Netherlands but has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. She speaks 4 languages and describes herself as honest with a hint of Dutch directness, balanced by a respectful and serviceable attitude. She has a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Administration from the Hotel school "The Hague". This has engrained in her a “getting things done with a smile” approach that serves her well in the industry she now works in. 

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