Murshidah's KeyNote

The Power of Giving Murshidah's courses address the importance of education for the WHOLE BEING, ie incorporating the interconnection of body, mind, heart, and spirit. Even the skills-based programs she conducts include the emphasis on the spirit which is hardly addressed in most corporate and management trainings. She emphasizes on principles-based practices in her courses. Delivery will be done using the Accelerated Learning Technology, incorporating SQ, NLP. Accelerated Learning technology makes use of PowerPoint, flip charts, music, movies, colors, and co-operative learning to create a relaxed and joyous environment.

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Social

About Murshidah

"Murshidah has run successful businesses for more than 20 years expanding throughout Asia as well as teaching entrepreneurship to teenagers and adults. Murshidah has over 18 years of personal grooming and personal image transformational training experience to teenagers, corporate executives, and government level executives. Prior to training, she owned a convention organizing and event management company and has organized over 150 projects spanning the Asia Pacific region (including Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Sydney) since 1993. Murshidah: In a nutshell, I am a speaker, corporate trainer, life coach,  Love and Respect advocate,  social entrepreneur, humanitarian, mom and wife, I help press the Re-Set button on people (only if allowed to).


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