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The Trauma Cure - A Relational Approach to Recovery 


At this point in time, the world is existing in a 'state of trauma'. Living through and beyond Covid-19 and the mental health, post-pandemic has shed light on issues that have been buried beneath the surface for years. Trauma is becoming a buzzword. But what is trauma? How does it arise in individuals, families, and communities? And how do we treat it at each of these levels? 

In this compelling session, Natalia will answer all these questions, drawing on modern trauma neurophysiology, interpersonal neurobiology, and more importantly her years of experience working in the field with clients who have survived inhuman experiences of abuse/violation and neglect. Audiences will come to understand that relationship is most often the root of trauma; as well as the remedy or cure and leave inspired to start harnessing their capacity to ignite relational change. 


About Natalia

Natalia Rachel is an authority in trauma-informed culture, trauma & abuse recovery, and relational dynamics.  Her insights into the human condition are a rare amalgamation of years working as a trauma therapist, educator, and clinic director, as well as a lived experience of complex trauma, recovery & transformation. Natalia is known to illuminate the darkest aspects of individuals and communities, with an uncanny blend of gentleness and acuity. She is not afraid to dive right into the roots of systemic issues and invite immediate change.


As a consultant, advisor, and NED, Natalia brings an invaluable eye to assess and advise on relational dynamics, trauma-informed culture & policy development, and consumer psychology. As a therapist and teacher, she takes an experiential approach, that ignites a process of empowered self-inquiry and vulnerable expression. 

Natalia is also a keynote speaker, in demand for her captivating talks on topics such as origins of mental health, trauma-informed culture, abuse recovery, empathy & emotional integration, human connection & relationships, and boundaries.


Her keynote ‘The Trauma CureA Relational Approach to Recovery’, stirs the spirit and inspires action. Her ability to synthesize concepts from modern neurophysiology and interpersonal neurobiology with the existential human experience never fails to resonate with her audiences. 

All of Natalia’s work stems from the intention to support a shift from disempowerment and oppression to empowerment and expression, with a relationship as the cornerstone for change. 


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