Natalia's KeyNote

"Knowing Neurophysiology – Accessing Empowerment, Empathy & Resilience in Uncertain times When we live through uncertainty, difficulty, or danger, our nervous systems respond to the threat and we enter ‘survival physiology’. When we exist and relate from a reaction to threat, essentially, we are living as if we are at war. The neurophysiological response to threat takes us outside our capacity for coping and into a state of overwhelming. In this state, we have no access to empathy and compassion, which are vital for both individuals and groups to thrive.  In this talk, Natalia Rachel explains the threat response in terms of the autonomic nervous system, and how this affects our experience of mental health as well as our relational dynamics. She makes neuroscience accessible. She explores the concept of capacity and outlines possible physical and mental health markers of overwhelm.  Natalia Rachel also explores a series of self-care applications that can be used to support a return to internal safety. In this way, she empowers audiences to better understand their experience and take steps towards internal safety, empathy, compassion, and resilience."

Core Expertise

  • Health/Well-being

About Natalia

"Natalia Rachel is the Director of Soma Clinic and specializes in complex health and trauma recovery. In addition to seeing private clients, she also teaches courses on recovery and is a keynote speaker. She has delivered talks at Netflix, St. James Place Wealth Management & The Conscious Festival, and engaged as a mood expert for top FMCG brands. Natalia places emphasis on illuminating patterns and organizing principles that exist with our neurophysiology and transcend to our mental-emotional experience and our relational dynamics. Adopting a relational approach, she blends both cognitive and somatic processing to support integrated change that can be felt physically, mentally, and relationally. Having experienced her own journey of illness, trauma, and recovery, she is able to explore the very personal, and gritty underbelly of physical, mental, and relational health, while connecting to modern psychology, neuroscience, trauma and relationship material. Natalia Rachel has a big heart to support a sustained shift from oppression and suppression to movement and expression through empathetic relating and compassionate care."


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