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Yes, You Can Innovate – The Six ‘I’s® of Innovation  



Now, more than ever, our ability to innovate; to bring to life something of worth out of ideas that are new to us, is our survival skill. As we ride the evolving edge and collectively create our future; navigating and surfing uncertainty, unpredictability, and change, how we contribute our skills, experience and imagination is our greatest challenge. To do this we must learn how to innovate by design, by creating strong teams and organisations that can effectively harness the diversity of their people, to create effective and purposeful innovation.  

Be inspired, engaged, and enthused as you are immersed in the range of mind and skill sets required for successful innovation, and how to harness diversity to increase your ability to innovate.  Through the Six ‘I’s®, you will learn how to identify your innovation strengths, increase the quality of your ideas, and improve the engagement of team members to make new ideas work. 



  • Six diverse strategies for harnessing the skills of innovation 
  • A clear step-by-step guide to bring ideas to life 
  • Enthusiasm for how to innovate in day-to-day work as well as innovation projects 
  • Inspiration on the six mindsets of being an innovator


About Natalie

Natalie is an experienced innovation specialist having spent over 25 years working as a corporate innovation director, a business consultant, and an entrepreneur. She has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including Cisco Systems, GSK, LEO Pharma Asia, Edgewell, and the Singapore Government, helping them build innovation systems, culture, and capabilities as well as generating new ideas to help them grow their teams and businesses.  


She has been featured in The Sunday Times, British Airways Inflight Magazine, Blomberg TV, and many other media, and is an Award-winning author for her book Yes, You Can Innovate and a contributing author to Unleash Your Voice – Powerful Public Speaking for Everywoman. Natalie is the inventor of The Six ‘I’s®, a Model that helps people measure their innovation strengths so that they can harness diversity and have a greater impact on new ideas.

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