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Competition is a key driver for performance and Innovation   


The growth of the digital economy provides an opportunity to make markets more competitive, as new entrants and business models emerge, spurring traditional businesses to raise their game or exit. Big data, 5G, AI, and machine learning have the potential to deliver innovative and cheaper products, as well as faster and better services. However, a changing business landscape and the digital way of doing business can introduce new and sophisticated forms of anti-competitive behavior. It can also make existing regulations outdated, requiring new or revised regulations that are flexible and fit for purpose for the digital world. 


Drawing on her international experience and expert knowledge, Nimisha shares the economics of competition law and regulation, and in particular, how it affects the digital economy. Topics include: Benefits of competition in the digital economy Understanding the different types of anti-competitive behavior in the digital economy Navigating your business to stay competitive and enter new markets/expand Regulatory policy to encourage innovation and protect vulnerable consumers Economic perspectives on competition and trade policy 



About Nimisha

Nimisha is a competition and regulation specialist with 20 years of international experience. Having worked in consultancy firms and competition regulators in the UK, New Zealand, and Singapore, she has a deep understanding of how regulators operate and how markets function. She has led high-profile merger investigations, drafted merger regulation guidelines, assessed complaints of anti-competitive behavior, and advised government agencies on competition matters. As a former Deputy Director at the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore, Nimisha supervised in-depth market studies on e-commerce and various consumer products. As an expert, she was seconded to the Singapore Tourism Board to lead a regulatory review. With an evidence-based approach, Nimisha has advised companies on the competition effects of their business strategies. 


She has written articles on competition matters in industry publications and has presented her ongoing research on Competition in the Data Economy. Using case studies and practical examples, Nimisha has conducted competition training workshops, presented to industry associations, business schools, universities, workshops for ASEAN government agencies, as well as at the International Competition Network Conference. Having spoken at both academic and Tech Industry conferences, her expertise connects public-private sector perspectives and is invaluable to businesses, governments, and academia looking to understand the growing competition issues in the digital economy. Nimisha is passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and in her spare time she volunteers as a mentor to university students planning their careers. She also supervises a team of students leading consulting projects for non-profit organizations. Nimisha is a former member of the UK Government Economic Service and has a Masters in Economics from the London School of Economics & Political Science. 




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