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The rapid advance of technology is transforming traditional business models across virtually all sectors. Work is getting reimagined and redesigned in all functions. Companies are having to radically review their strategy, operations, and culture in response to new forms of competition and disruption. And Data as a Service has become the new currency for success. This exponential explosion and ubiquity of data combined with the analytical power of artificial intelligence have created huge opportunities as well as threats.  


As government, corporates and educational institutions ready themselves to not just survive this change but also thrive in it, the most vital role is of HR and the function necessarily has to take a lead in this transformation HR will need to help ready an organization where multi-generational, White and Blue-collar workers will work alongside New-Collar workers (future talent) and No-Collar workers (AI) to create value. HR leaders, therefore, need to be aware and aligned with these key aspects of Digital HR transformation:  


1. What Technology-enabled trends are having the highest impact on the future of work - not just on redesign of jobs, but on the way, we hire, motivate and retain talent?


2. In the era of Man and Machine, how does Learning & Talent development transform? What skills and competencies will be most valuable for future human talent? 


3. How is the HR function skilling itself to explore the possibilities of Analytics and AI in HR?  


4. How do we hire for a disrupted environment and how do we ensure both currency and fungibility of skills and roles for the future? 5. How do we leverage the ecosystem of technology partners and collaborators to create future-focused HR solutions and offerings? 

About Pallavi

Pallavi is currently the Global Talent Partner for Kyndryl Inc - a newly created spin-off of IBM's Global Technology Services where she was the APAC Talent Leader until 2021. Prior to the Talent role in IBM, Pallavi was the Country HR Leader for IBM Singapore. Pallavi has more than 23 years of experience in the field of Human Resources across areas related to HR consulting & strategy, HR Analytics, Talent, and Leadership. Development, Compensation & Performance management. Pallavi has held several portfolios with IBM's internal HR and HR consulting units.


After having worked in India and the US, she has been based in Singapore for 10 years now. A passionate believer in leveraging technology for HR solutions of the future, Pallavi often represents IBM's point of view on the future of HR at regional and international conferences. Pallavi holds a B A (Hons) in Economics and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources. Pallavi also received the Business HR professional and Global Compensation & Benefits certification from Cornell University. Certified by. IBM for Design Thinking, Agile, and as a Cognitive HR practitioner, Pallavi was recently featured in the HRD Magazine's HRD Hot List in 2017.

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