Precious's KeyNote

Transforming Pain into Power and allowing it to lead you to your Purpose 

How do you turn pain into power to lead you to your purpose? Childhood trauma specifically, feeling misunderstood, insecurity & lack of validation are often the barriers to finding your purpose. What happens after you identify your barriers? Learning to maneuver through your pain and turn it into your power begins with trusting yourself and rediscovering who you want to be. Accepting the past and digging deep within will lead you to your purpose and I am here to give you the keys.  


Learning how to set healthy boundaries was the most challenging but essential thing for taking the first step. Understand how to trust your intuition and don’t mistake it for your insecurities. My journey was filled with isolation, self-discipline and sacrifice. By sharing in my journey, you will laugh, cry and find your power  

About Precious

Precious Watkins was raised in Chicago. Becoming a single mother as a teenager, she struggled to find herself while trying to be the best parent she could be. On her journey to rediscover and redefine her self-identity, she realized that her life could be what SHE decided to make it. Precious developed a strong will to keep going and curve every hardball thrown her way.  


When Precious healed herself and found her identity, she realized that she had a story to tell. She wanted her story to heal someone else out there, if not the world. With her strong intention and passion for helping others, Precious became a Certified Life Coach, Author of “Complicated Tears” and is now an e empowering Keynote speaker.  


“Complicated Tears” isn’t just Precious sharing her story with the world but using her story to empower other women. She’s now walking with purpose and living her dreams. 

Core Expertise

    Childhood Trauma

    Intimate Relationships and Grief


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