Raquel's KeyNote

Growing Your Listening Superpower 

-Work smarter and feel better


Listening is a powerful leadership capacity to navigate change and uncertainty. Yet, look around. How much listening do you experience or observe…and what is the impact? Raquel’s experiential keynote takes the audience on a journey to work smarter and feel better by growing our listening superpower.


She shares stories about how listening helps us navigate and influence change while also increasing effective communication in surprising ways. Especially in a complex work environment of constant change where there is no single best answer. Open, full-circle listening helps create a sense of safety and increases productivity.


Leaders can be more in touch with the reality of emerging issues and opportunities while also engaging employees in the process. Listening opens the door to creativity, inspiration, and engaged in collaboration. And people feel valued while you feel more energized. She inspires, empowers, and motivates the audience to understand and experience listening in powerful and unexpected ways. She engages the audience to experiment with listening and learn new skills they can apply right away with their colleagues and their family. They will learn how to transform communication into connection, opening doors to creative solutions and meaningful collaboration, especially when challenges arise. 


Leaders who listen well can communicate better, navigating change more effectively.


Let Raquel inspire you to work smarter and feel better by growing your listening superpower.


This keynote can be combined with an experiential, science-based listening workshop sparking healthier and more effective conversations during company events.


This talk can be delivered remotely or in person.

About Raquel

Raquel Ark (MA, CPC) is a podcast host, speaker, mentor, and trainer. She has over 25 years in multinational corporations and academia. She is the founder of listening ALCHEMY, a communication training and coaching organization including foundational evidence-based listening programs.


Raquel has spoken on the TEDx stage, as well as at conventions, organizations, and schools both in person and remotely. Her clients include HelloFresh, hotjar, commerce tools, Codility, BASF, Fairtrade International, and more. She is the podcast host for, “listening SUPERPOWER podcast” which focused on listening in teams and organizations beyond what we typically consider. She is the Vice President of the International Listening Association and a university instructor at Fresenius University of Applied Sciences.


Raquel was born and raised in Puerto Rico and Ohio, USA, and is now living in Germany.



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