Ruchi's KeyNote

Empowering Professionals to Reach Their Greatest Potential


Ruchi empowers ambitious professionals, particularly women, who proverbially have everything but feel they are still missing something in their lives. It could be they feel that life is passing them by too quickly and that they want to slow down. Or they could feel lost juggling the various roles they play, leaving no time for themselves.   

Perhaps they are beginning to lose confidence and wonder if they're on the right path. Maybe they've hit the glass ceiling at work! In any of these scenarios, Ruchi expertly helps her clients identify their priorities, re-invent themselves, and regain control over their lives. By helping clients define what having It all means for them as compared to what society has told them she is able to guide them on how to realign their inner compass and then take the positive steps needed to achieve it.


Ruchi believes in making a difference and awakening possibilities in people's lives. By helping them achieve what they are looking for, Ruchi's clients feel empowered to take the next step. This provides the perfect space for individuals to be the best version of themselves as they live with courage and passion.


About Ruchi

Ruchi is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and a Lawyer by training. She is also an NLP Practitioner and an Accredited Belbin Facilitator. She helps high-potential professionals build emotional resilience and a positive mindset to get to the next level in their lives, professionally and personally. Her main objective is to help clients move forward and find fulfillment & success in all the roles they play.


Expertly guiding individuals through this transition, Ruchi makes her clients feel empowered and accomplished. Her coaching style is results-oriented, ensuring clients experience a paradigm shift that allows them to achieve & maintain their own long-term results. Through unleashing the potential of each human, Ruchi enables individuals to be the best they can. Ruchi has worked with leaders in various industries including Financial Services, Legal, Media, Technology, and Human Resources, and has been featured in the Asian Money Guide for the 50 Power Women of Asia issue.


 She has delivered talks at the Bar Council of the High Court of India, MNCs, NPOs, and Women's Organizations. In her talks and workshops, Ruchi emphasizes a collaborative approach to ensure that the personal development coaching she is delivering resonates with each unique organization and individual. She supports executives and employees to improve individual, team, and company performance with a focus on wellbeing, stress management, and productivity. Ruchi has won the Emerging Executive Coach of the year 2022 award.




Core Expertise



    Self-Confidence/ Finding your lost self at the top of the ladder


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