Sara's KeyNote

Money is Not a Dirty Word 

Women have achieved significant strides in work, education, and politics over the past fifty years, but a persistent gender wealth gap prevails. On average, women earn less, secure fewer high-paying roles, face more career interruptions, and exhibit lower financial literacy than men.  

Financial literacy extends beyond numbers— it encompasses attitudes and behaviors towards money. It's imperative to destigmatize discussions about finances; money is not a dirty word. Open dialogues with partners, family, friends, and children are pivotal in taking charge of our financial narratives.  

Embracing these conversations is the initial stride toward narrowing the wealth divide. 


Finding Words That Sing 

When one crafts a story, a narrative, or even an article, finding just the right word can be difficult, even for seasoned professionals.  

Diversifying your language choices adds vibrancy to your writing and presentations and strengthens your connection with audiences. Drawing from my journey—corporate communicator, non-fiction writer, spoken word poet, and storyteller—I share insights on using a muse to inspire diverse word choices. Your muse can be found in nature or your community, serving as a catalyst for creative inspiration. The key lies in listening, observing, experimenting, and embracing the joy of the process. Join me in discovering words that sing.

About Sara

Sara Kelly is a Human Resources specialist, storyteller, and creative writer. Based in Singapore, her diverse experience includes more than a decade in various HR positions covering European and Asia Pacific regions and leading global projects. A master of observation, she writes non-fiction articles about her working experiences, expat life, and parenthood, authors a children’s poetry site, and regularly speaks on these and related topics at spoken-word events.


Sara’s professional and creative work is driven by her desire to challenge perceptions and turn the status quo upside down. Financial equity is one issue she has cared deeply about since becoming a volunteer with Aidha – a charity empowering and providing opportunities for low-income women to transform their lives through sustainable wealth creation. 


Sara holds a BA in Media and communications from the University of NSW, Australia, and an MA in Creative Writing from LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

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    Human Resources



    Financial Education


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