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There are 2 types of people in this world: Frist, the type who LET things happen TO them. Second, people who MAKE things happen FOR them. Which one of the above two categories do you fall into? Honestly evaluate yourself. We live in a world, where others constantly want to DEFINE our power, DEVELOP our power or DESTROY our power. But NOBODY gets to make you POWERLESS unless you let them.  


But remember, a purpose, passion and a plan give you POWER. I have coached, trained and mentored thousands of individuals around the world, who just like you, who are either at cross-roads, or at the very beginning, or have hit a big plateau in their life and feel; simply put, stuck or powerless. But we don't give up. I will together with you, help you discover your own POWER, and empower you to power-up your team! 

About Senela

Senela Jayasuriya, Awarded “Exceptional Women of Excellence” by the Women Economic Forum and recipient of the “Women Icons Asia Award”. An Award-winning leadership, business & communication coach. She is the Founder & CEO of Women Empowered Global which is a global platform that empowers women through education, career advancement, and entrepreneurial programs. Former Country Head for a British tech firm headquartered in the UK, with a background in HR, Marketing & Global Brands, CRM, Global business & Business performance.  


She is a Certified transformation coach and a recognized expert in Personal Agility Systems. She has trained teams from the World Bank, United Nations, and Multinationals as well as Small & Medium Enterprises. Senela has been invited as a global Keynote speaker and panelist to numerous local and international events and summits to share her experience, ideas, and inspiration on Entrepreneurship, Women's Empowerment, Career advancement, and Leadership. Senela is also a Judge, Speaker & Mentor at various startup events and incubator programs locally & International. She has been featured and interviewed in magazines and podcasts in the USA, UK, India, Sri Lanka, and more.  


Senela’s motto is to help others achieve higher performance for a higher purpose. Much of Senela’s work focuses on heart-centered leadership and conscious goal setting. She has multi-sectorial training and coaching experience having worked with a diverse portfolio of companies and professionals on various training, coaching, and development needs. Senela especially enjoys working with programs that empower entrepreneurs, start-ups, and individuals pursuing C-level careers. She has received numerous awards internationally for her work in empowering individuals for peak performance. She is passionate about helping people discover their potential for higher performance, for a higher purpose. 


Senela has been interviewed and featured on panels & talk shows, magazines, and podcasts in the USA, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Australia, and more. Senela is a contributor and featured with a dedicated chapter after her in the Amazon Best Selling book "Women Going Global'' which was released in November 2020 during Entrepreneurship week in the USA!


Core Expertise

    Inspirational Leadership

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Change Management


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