Senela's KeyNote

Bring out the Leader in You: Break through to the next level 


With the captivating keynote address," Bring out the Leader in You "your audience will embark on a transformative journey, unlocking the keys to becoming strong leaders within the organization. Our speaker encourages individuals and teams to not only dream big but to take actionable steps to make those dreams a reality. 


 Key Takeaways:


Leadership Transformation: Your audience will discover the art of transforming themselves into 

influential leaders, taking their career or business to the next level.


Personal and Professional Growth: We explore the importance of continuous growth, providing 

practical tools and strategies to enhance skills and competencies.


Team Synergy: Your teams will learn how to work together cohesively, building a collaborative 

environment where every team member feels empowered to lead and contribute their best.


Success Mindset: Our speaker will instill a success-driven mindset, encouraging individuals and teams to 

set high goals and embrace challenges as opportunities for growth. 


In a dynamic, engaging, and interactive presentation, your audience will be motivated to lean in and commit to reaching their fullest potential. They will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, ready to lead and excel in their roles and play a crucial part in the success of your organization. 

"Bring out the Leader in You" is not just a keynote; it’s a call to action. It's an opportunity for your attendees to embrace their leadership potential, achieve greater success, and become formidable assets in your company. Book this keynote speaker to inspire your audience to embark on a journey of transformation and growth.

About Senela

Senela is a multi-award-winning Leader, Keynote speaker, Author, Facilitator & Transformational Coach, with versatile multinational and regional experience leading, advising, training, and coaching culturally diverse teams from over 6 continents. Senela's personal story of going global and bootstrapping her way to her own successful speaking empire that has taken her as far as Norway, France, USA, United Kingdom, Africa, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, and India, has inspired leaders and executives with actionable insights and real-world examples on how to respond to challenges and embrace innovative strategies for personal and professional transformation, success & growth. Senela’s engaging personality can ignite a passion for continuous improvement, empowering leaders to drive transformative change by being more intentional in how they communicate, influence, and lead.


Awarded “Exceptional Women of Excellence” by the Women Economic Forum and recipient of the “Women Icons Asia Award”, she is specialized in Leadership development, DEI&B, and Communication. Senela has been invited to speak on Leadership, Motivation, creating transformational workspaces and a culture geared for Innovation, and DEI&B as it relates to Unconscious bias, Inclusion & Employee Engagement, Women’s Career Advancement, and Empowered Women in Leadership.


She is the Global CEO of Women Empowered Global, a global leadership-building platform for women in Business, Corporate & STEM. Former Country Head for a British tech firm headquartered in the UK, with a background in HR, Marketing & Global Brands, CRM, Global Business & Business performance. Also worked as the Communications Lead for a Fortune 100, involved in Brand development, Marketing communications, Retail & Industrial campaigns, Market audits, Research & Media relations. Senela has been awarded the "Global Women in Leadership Award” and recognized among THE TOP 150 GLOBAL WOMEN LEADERS by GCPIT.


She is a Certified transformation coach, a Certified innovation coach and a recognized expert in Personal Agility Systems.

Core Expertise

    Inspirational Leadership

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Change Management


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