Sheila's KeyNote

With the world getting smaller and technology developing faster, people are expected to acquire new skills to keep up with industry changes. These also include navigating cultural differences from changing geographical locations. It is no longer uncommon for people to move from country to country or industry to industry. Technology has made it easier for people to learn and businesses to grow and reach out to other people or businesses. However, many still struggle to incorporate technology in their decision-making processes, instead of using software and apps as a crutch, which prevent them from innovating. By combining our unique skill sets with technology, we can do so much more to empower ourselves, our staff, our clients; to do more than what we think we are capable of, and to go beyond the initial domains we have chosen. If you want to know how to use technology for positive empowerment, and how to leverage your skills to equip yourself when you have to change domains, contact Sheila.

Core Expertise

  • Marketing
  • Technology
  • Change Management

About Sheila

Sheila Berman was born in the Philippines, lived in Australia, the United States of America, and currently resides in Singapore. She started her career as part of the consulting team assisting the Department of Education in the Philippines to implement the school building projects funded by the World Bank and the Japan Bank for International Cooperation. Sheila moved to Australia where she co-founded Digital Sonata, an IT start-up company, and trained as a merchandise planner at Kmart Australia and New Zealand handling multi-million-dollar portfolios. She moved to the United States when the start-up company was acquired and trained in public speaking through Toastmasters International where she won an award after 6 months. In Singapore, she worked as a marketing manager at the Marketing Institute of Singapore, the National Body for Sales and Marketing, and organized the first World Marketing Summit in the country in partnership with Kotler Impact. Sheila has contributed to various online publications in APAC, writing about sustainability, HR Tech, and women's rights.


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