Tahira Amira's KeyNote

Find Your Calling and Become Limitless Demonstrating our ability to become limitless, Tahira has expanded herself from simply a technologist, but also an author, poet, artist, philosopher, designer, futurist and speaker. From a voiceless youth, she became a bold woman with a voice. As a result, through this keynote, she aims to help others open up their multi-dimensional (dormant) selves so that they can reach their unbounded potential. She will also guide them to find their Calling, which is something elusive and, if left undiscovered, they may just miss it out in their lifetime. Thus, the objective is to create free but responsible individuals who can live with harnessing a maximum power within themselves. Participants will be called on to examine their own mind-sets and how they live their daily lives. They will be introduced to key techniques for real-world applications. They will also be introduced to the concept of thriving by understanding the Law of Circulation by Through the Golden Door. This keynote inspires and fascinates the audience by bringing in science, spirituality and real-world business and life into context. It aims to be the first step for the audience to transform into becoming what they never quite imagined.

Core Expertise

  • Self-development
  • Self-help
  • Success

About Tahira Amira

Tahira is a co-founder of a tech-start-up that served 22 cities across Asia, and first female President of the biggest mobile association in Singapore (an initiative of the Singapore Government), she was traumatized by intense domestic problems and had a total disconnect with her Higher Self. Eventually, this led her to a nervous breakdown. 2014 was the turning-point-year when she placed a grinding halt to her 18-year business, and made a decision to plunge into the elusive world of storytelling. Like a caterpillar sealed in its womb for a massive transformation, she took extreme measures to re-mold herself. For the first 9 months, she immersed herself into a self-induced solitary confinement. She read, researched, wrote, prayed and meditated, and for the most part of it, food was limited to one small meal a day or sometimes nothing. Through the Golden Door: The Doorway to Our Advancement was birthed. This 426-page award-winning book seamlessly integrates more than 9 disciplines (Arts & Sciences) to deliver a profound message. A first miracle that she was able to write a thick and deep novel in such a short time. A second miracle that she became a confident public speaker when she had temporarily lost her voice for an entire year at age 14. The root cause was when at the tender age 13, she was taken away and molested by strangers at midnight while in Pakistan. Breaking past all limitations to voiceless to finding her voice, Her passion overflowed to enraptured readers, stoic in a mission to impart her wisdom and to help others find their Purpose and Calling.


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