Valerie's KeyNote

Change, embrace it, and keep on learning 


As we embark into a world of greater digitalization, adapting to change and growth is the new constant. Without change, progress is impossible. What change will You embrace to be ready for Your tomorrow? How do You EmbarkEmbrace and Engage in the change to develop yourself further? Valerie specializes in addressing these challenges to making that sharp turn in careers. She pivoted mid-career into the world of digital marketing as that is the Future of Work. Disrupted herself as she foresaw the shift into a more “technological and digitalize world”.


She knew she had to change before change disrupts her. It took a lot of courage and fortitude to restart her career anew. Learning to adapt to change is never easy. 

The change of pace and environment brought a big 180-degrees turn for her. In her words... “It was a humbling experience that brought out the resilience, tenacity and a continuous learning attitude in me! I learned to be agile and flexible to the constant change in the digital world. Hear from Valerie on how to build a growth mindset open to change. Let her growth journey inspire You to take Yours today. Build the Leader in You and Market Yourself for Success! 


About Valerie

360 marketer - Valerie’s moniker and branding with her versatile integrated marketing experience in both digital and offline. Her strong marketing experience in Retail was honed through exposure to global brands from Nike, Marks, and Spencer to Harvey Norman. She started her career in merchandising, evolving to branding and marketing – inherent in her the ability to upskill. Pivoting her career to the Insurance industry to deepen her digital skills was the biggest “change” in her career – thrown into agile working needing a continuous growth mindset. 


Change, she did, and keep on developing is her motto! With the love to learn seeded since young, she was awarded a scholarship by the Japanese government to study MBA in Tokyo, an eye-opening cultural and immersive knowledge experience. Her nature to keep on evolving in both career and life fosters a strong self-development for success. She mentors and coaches to help others to flourish onwards. 

Core Expertise