Wendy's KeyNote

"Mastering the Art of Communication Most successful people are masters in communication. They are able to engage in agile conversations that others enjoy and find empowering and inspiring. This is especially important when disruption is the norm as leaders are pushed for time and need to grapple with ever-escalating expectations and complexities.  In fact, humans spend 70-80% of their time communicating. Out of this, 45% is spent on listening and 30% on speaking. Imagine how impactful conversations and relationships could be when we are able to more effectively leverage the time spent on listening and speaking to engage, empower, and inspire.  Drawing on the experience and insights of thousands of leaders across the world, Wendy will share:​ Techniques to enhance your communication skills and get your points across with clarity How to use conversations to build rapport, establish and deepen the emotional connection Enhance your conversational agility"

About Wendy

"Wendy brings with her over 2 decades of sales & marketing, customer experience, and talent development expertise working with iconic companies like Procter & Gamble, The Body Shop, and Olympus. Recognized for her mastery in customer experience design and learning & talent development initiatives, Wendy was awarded the Procter & Gamble CEO Award, bestowed to global top performers. An experienced facilitator with the ability to engage multicultural audiences, Wendy has delivered transformational keynotes and training sessions in Singapore, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, and Sri Lanka.  Wendy is the Summit Director of Rise Through the Ranks, a global online leadership conference that has reached out to thousands of executives from over 70 countries. She is also currently the Head of Strategic Solutions at Influence Solutions, a consultancy that partners with organizations to develop learning solutions that help them become Future-ready, Innovative, Relevant, Strategic, and Trusted."

Core Expertise


    Change Management



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