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Agile Learning in the Future of Work 



In the future of work, we know we need to upskill and contribute in ways that robots or logarithms cannot. However, despite the rhetoric on the vital importance of upskilling to stay relevant, the motivation to learn, the capacity to be curious, and the skill in learning remain woeful. Learning is not attending training. Learning is also not consuming content on the phone. Learning is not sustained by monetary incentives. 


Learning takes effort. Learning requires time. Learning calls for strategy. Learning is also life, we grow new capabilities, expand our sense of identity and allow our full potential to unfold. Lifelong learning can only be sustained by the clarity in one’s career direction, drive to succeed despite challenges, and the intrinsic motivation to learn. In this process, following our curiosity is like a breath of fresh air. Our metacognitive ability also guides us in scaffolding a string of activities to learn fast and effectively. So that learning is successful, insightful, and joyful. 


In this keynote, you will learn to:


Go beyond growth mindset to identify the various dimensions of a learning mindset 

Architect your learning process and be more effective as a learner 

Learn the best practices of adult lifelong learners who thrived in their careers 

Sustain your own learning efforts so you gain mastery in your intended skill 

Leverage your learning capacity to be your best self



Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Resilience, Well-Being, and Adaptability 
  • What if we are whole human beings at work and in our lives? 
  • What if we connected to others with trust and authenticity? 
  • What if we embrace polarities and are whole in our thinking? 
  • What if we clear our minds and be present in every moment? 
  • What if we see beyond ourselves to be a contribution – at work and beyond? 
Wholeness is a sense of balance and completeness within ourselves and with our community. When we are anchored as an individual and as part of a collective, we are authentic and act in alignment with our values and purpose. Embracing polarities expands our mind to perceive the larger wholeness when opposites come together, e.g., task and relationship, act and reflect, structure and chaos and lastly work and personal life. This cognitive flexibility helps us be agile in our actions. Finally, clearing creates precious mind space to be present, alert, and adaptive to the need at the moment so that we apply ourselves based on our best intentions.  


In this inspiring keynote, participants will learn to:


  • Connect to their anchor to act with conviction, confidence, and clarity 
  • Reframe their notion of balance to find more expansive options 
  • Learn to use their mind focus productively on what matters in the present moment 
  • Use practical strategies to be 100:100 at work and at home 
  • Support wholeness in people around them, their family and team members 
  • Draw on their higher purpose and be a contributor to the larger world 


About Wendy

Wendy's work is about learning and bringing forth ideas to help us act with wisdom for the greater good. Being a Chinese with a Western education, Wendy draws from both wells to find insight and inspiration for us to be better human beings and leaders to create institutions that work for all.  


The author of Wholeness in a Disruptive World: Pearls of Wisdom from East and West, Wendy is also a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), a designation conferred by the National Speakers Association as the international measure of professional platform competence. She connects with her audience through her authentic, heartful and thought-provoking disposition. Her work has won the InnovPlus Spark and HRO Today Thought Leadership Awards. Wendy co-founded Flame Centre in 2004, a talent development practice based in Asia.  


Flame Centre partners with Dr. Beverly Kaye in career development and talent engagement solutions and Peter Block's Flawless Consulting workshops in the Asia Pacific region. Wendy has worked with numerous multinational corporations and government agencies in her career. She speaks both English and Mandarin. Wendy holds a Master's of Science in Organization Development (MSOD) from Pepperdine University and graduated with honors from the National University of Singapore in Psychology. 

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