​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the difference between a guest speaker and a keynote speaker? 
A keynote speaker is the main speaker of the event. A guest speaker can be any external speaker.  
2. What is the role of a keynote speaker?  
The role of a keynote speaker is to inspire the audience by giving them different perspectives and to make them think in different ways. The keynote speaker is the most knowledgeable speaker on the event’s main topic. She would have excellent communication skills and can deliver the topic in a way that makes it memorable and impactful.  

3. How do I find a keynote speaker? 
You will be able to find top female speakers listed on Speaker Bureaus, through your connections, on professional social media networks such as LinkedIn – or on our Keynote Women Speakers directory. The directory has women speakers in USA, Japan, Singapore, Australia, and UK. 
4. How long should a keynote speaker talk? 
A keynote speech can last from 5 mins up to 2 hours. Typically, it is around 20-45 min.   

5. What makes a good keynote speaker?
A sign of an inspirational female speaker is their ability to inspire the audience. It’s really about changing lives and you’ll need to have a very inspirational speaker in order to achieve that.   

6. What are the characteristics of a good speaker? 
A good female business speaker focuses on the audience. What does the audience need to know about this topic? In what ways can the audience change their lives for the better and make the world a better place? Once they have identified what the main topic needs to be, the speaker will then deliver the topic in a way that connects with the audience and builds them up.  

7. What is the purpose of a keynote speaker? 
The purpose of a keynote women speaker is to set the tone for that day’s conference theme or for the entire conference.   

8. How can I be a successful keynote speaker? 
It requires a lot of practice and putting your ego aside and creating and crafting a speech that is relevant to the target audience. It takes a lot of practice - testing it out with different audiences, like your friends and growing your audience as you go along. It is a continuous process that involves keeping up with new trends, findings, and methods or procedures that are related to the topic or niche that the keynote speaker is an expert in.  
9. How do I choose a keynote speaker for my event? 
It depends on your purpose and desired outcome. Do you want an eloquent speaker that speaks poetry or someone who interacts with the audience? Do you want the speaker to create a relaxed atmosphere, and maybe even use humour? Or do you expect the person to create authority on stage? At the end of the day, it’s all about your desired outcome. By working backwards and asking fundamental questions, you’ll be able to choose the right keynote speaker for your event.  

10. How much do you get paid to speak at a conference?
Conferences may fly in top keynote speakers or conference speakers in order to attract people at the conference. In most cases, it is dependent on the conference's organisers and their budgets. Some conference organisers only accept speakers from companies that are sponsoring the event.  
11. Where can I find female business speakers? 
Keynote Women Speakers have a wide range of speakers including female business speakers. Even if you can’t find a speaker for a certain topic, do reach out to us as we have a vast network of speakers that is beyond what is listed on the directory.   
12. Where can I get speakers for women's conferences? 
Women’s conferences are typically held around International Women’s Day in March where a lot of accomplished women speakers are approached to talk about gender equality. However, having a career doesn’t make you an expert on diversity. It will be good to seek speakers who are experts on gender equity. KeyNote Women Speakers has dozens of these!   

13. How do you become a motivational speaker?
Practice communication skills daily and look into becoming a certified keynote speaker. It is a continues process that involves keeping up with new trends, research, and other pertinent data related to the topic that the speaker is an expert in. Audiences would also change over time, the tone and language that works for one group is different for another. With this in mind, the speaker needs to know how to augment her delivery method to match the specific needs or preference of the audience.   

14. What is the purpose of a motivational speaker? 
The purpose of a female motivational speaker speaking at a leadership conference, internally in-house or at a large company, to motivate the staff to celebrate the financial year.   
15. What is the difference between a motivational speaker and an inspirational speaker?
They are the same. An inspiring woman speaker and a woman motivational speaker both have the goal of motivating and inspiring their audience to make a change for the better in their own lives or even to make the world a better place.  
16. How can I join Keynote Women Speakers?
You can fill up the application form and there will be an assessment and an interview afterwards.   

17. What are the criteria to join Keynote Women Speakers?
We are looking for thought leaders and experts in their fields. Speakers who can inspire a large audience from stage to make a difference. We are also looking for women who believe in our cause and can commit themselves in some small way.   

18. How can I add value by joining Keynote Women Speakers?
You can add value by joining and supporting our community. You can mentor young and upcoming speakers, support your peers in mutual growth, and pass along speaking opportunities.  
19. How much is the fee to join Keynote Women Speakers?
The fee is 100 Euros per year. This will provide you with a personal page on keynote women website, access to a community of women speakers, and regular events.
​​​As part of our partnership deals, you will also be able to have access to a discounted coaching package.