12 sessions

Personal support from a mentor

Peer and program alumni support at additional learning circles

A ready keynote speech

Become an inspirational KeyNote speaker!

Do you want to be more confident in public speaking?
Do you have a message for a better world that you want to share with larger audiences? Join our training programme, which has transformed shy introverts to inspirational speakers. We will teach you all the skills needed to speak with confidence. On stage, at work, and with family and friends!

Our flagship training programme is a 9-month in person course run annually in Singapore, with sessions delivered on weekdays and weekends. It’s an elaborate course designed to give participants a complex set of skills such as speech crafting, stage presence, voice training and creating the right visual support for their talk.

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Finding your Keynote

This session will help you to identify and articulate the core message you want to share with the world

Discover your Key Story

Find your unique magnetic attraction quality, and how to leverage on it to quickly build credibility, present with charisma and have people wanting to follow your lead

The Magic of Storytelling

Understand how stories build the connection with the audience. Learn how visual language can engage the audience, how to add dialogue and characterization to your talk, how to make people feel they are the only one in the room

Speech crafting workshop

Put together a script for a keynote of your own

How to structure a killer presentation

Understand different techniques on how to structure an ideal presentation. Learn how to integrate various elements in the structure of your presentation. Determine how to choose and use compelling visual aids. Master how to start and conclude a presentation for the best result.

Voicing your true self with all your motor vocal capability

Learn to use basic vocal techniques to improve your speaking voice:Intonation, Pitch, Articulation, Projection/Volume, SpeedTonality: Enthusiastic, Calm, Serene, Passionate Understand when and how best to use silence.pelling visual aids. Master how to start and conclude a presentation for the best result.

Elevating your presence in virtual presentations

Familiarize with the basic tech for online trainings/speeches. Understand the dynamics of body language on camera. Maximize the use of powerful cues in your clothing & background. Explore audience engagement techniques virtually.

Engaging and connecting with your audience

Continue to practice non-verbal and verbal skills to engage with their audience. Learn techniques to get their audience involved

Spontaneity and humor

Learn how to get their audience to laugh. Understand when and when not to use humor. Develop techniques for spontaneity and improvisation

StageCraft, bring your speech to life

Learn how to prepare for your talk: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Understand the importance of speech analysis to give life to words. Learn how to move on stage for maximum impact. Practice your keynote in class!

Let’s put it all together

A big rehearsal before the final auditions.Take time to deliver your keynote before the group and the trainer, and get valuable feedback.

Live Auditions

An experienced team of trainers will be there to guide you throughout your journey.

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Isabelle Roy

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Ivana Fertitta

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Karolina Gwinner

Image 4

Lakshmi Ramachandran

Image 5

Mette Johansson

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Jacinta Quah

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Sarah Whyte

Note: the trainers for the individual session are chosen based on their strengths as speakers and may change. The trainers are speakers from the KeyNote Women directory.

In addition to the sessions the trainees are given an opportunity to practice their speaking at the learning circles and during individual work with mentors. We offer all our trainees the supportive community of their peers, trainees from the previous course cohorts, and seasoned speakers ready to share their experience. We encourage the atmosphere of camaraderie and open discussion.

The finishing line of the program are two rounds of live auditions. Each trainee is expected to perform a 5- minute speech at round one as a conclusion to the programme. Those who do best at round 1 will have the chance to enter round 2 to give a more elaborate 10-minute speech and compete for a chance to enter our directory of KeyNote Professional Women Speakers.

Join the next cohort. Contact us to secure a spot in the next Singapore in-person cohort now.

KeyNote Public Speaking Training programme for

In the new world of work, how can organisations proactively step up to enable their high potential women to speak up and speak out with confidence?

Whether communicating one-on-one, pitching for new business, delivering a board presentation or a talk at a conference, or presenting at an internal town-hall meeting, women can become a powerful force when they speak with authenticity and confidence.

The KeyNote public speaking training programme packs in all the tools to empower your women leaders to speak confidently anywhere. Spread across 9 unique topics tailored to your specific needs and timelines, we can bring the programme to your premises or have it delivered at a venue or in a hybrid setting of your choice.


Give the gift of KeyNote public speaking training programme to your high potential talents. Write to us today at info@keynotewomen.com for more details.

Short-term and fully virtual programs for

We’re constantly trying to create more opportunities for women around the world to elevate their speaking skills. Therefore we’re planning to run a fully virtual course and a short-term hybrid course in near future. Prepare for what’s brewing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make a payment for the course in instalments?

A: Yes, you can. The program fee can be paid in two (2) instalments yet has to be covered in full not later than one week before the program start. The dates and amount of each payment are negotiable. Please, contact our training coordinator at info@keynotewomen.com for a personal instalment plan.

Q: Can this course be attended fully virtually?

A: Unfortunately, no. Keynote Speakers’ Training is delivered in a hybrid mode at the moment, and the majority of sessions must be attended in person to maximize the learning. Keynote speaking is a skill that can only be mastered via real time practice. If you are currently not able to commit to in-person sessions, we suggest you wait a bit for our virtual course release.

Q: I’m planning to travel/move in 2023, thus will miss a part of the course. Can I still sign up and be sure I get the maximum from the training?

A: This will depend entirely on the dates of your travel/moving. There are practical workshops at the course which are virtually impossible to cover with offline materials thus must be attended in person. If you miss those, you inevitably miss a part of knowledge provided at the course. Please contact our coordinator via info@keynotewomen.com to better know how the dates of your trips align with the course schedule.

Q: Can I talk to someone who has already completed the program?

A: Absolutely! We’re blessed with a very supportive community of alumni who are always ready to share.

Q: Do I get a completion certificate by the end of the program?

A: Yes, we give completion certificates to all program participants who attend 70% of sessions (8 sessions) and complete round 1 of the final auditions.

Q: Can Keynote issue a formal invoice so I could be reimbursed by my employer?

A: Yes, we issue invoices for corporate reimbursement upon request. To receive it, make an inquiry to our coordinator at info@keynotewomen.com.