Episode 6 KeyNote: Expert Voices - Mindset Transformation for Sustainable Change

In this episode of KeyNote: ExpertVoices, get to the root cause of behavioral aspects of dealing with #change and give simple and effective solutions to embracing and driving change with Karen Leong and Santa Meyer-Nandi

Episode 7 KeyNote: Expert Voices - Mindfulness and Emotional Wellbeing: Choosing Happiness

In this new episode of #KeyNote: #ExpertVoices, Karen Schofield and Lissy Puno guide us on how to consciously #choose the path of #happiness.

Episode #8: Empowerment through Geostrategy and Risk Management

Aurelie Saada and Jill Goldenziel, both experts in risk management, in this episode of #KeyNote: #ExpertVoices, talk about how #geostrategy and #riskmanagement empower organizations, leaders and people in general.