Cécile's KeyNote

Knowledge Is Not Power 


In this compelling keynote, Cécile Correa challenges the commonly held notion that knowledge alone is synonymous with power. Drawing on a diverse range of examples and experiences, she emphasizes the transformative role of action and implementation in unlocking true power. The audience is guided through a thought-provoking exploration of how applied knowledge, combined with strategic decision-making and persistent effort, leads to meaningful results. 


Cécile Correa shares insights into the pitfalls of passive accumulation of information without practical application, encouraging listeners to bridge the gap between knowing and doing. Ultimately, the keynote inspires individuals to harness their knowledge as a dynamic force. She reveals an unknown physiological truth that can undoubtedly propel individuals toward success and empowerment in various aspects of life. 


About Cécile

Cécile Correa, a dynamic figure born in the South of France, embarked on a remarkable journey. Arriving in England at 21 with limited English, she began as a housekeeper. By 26, her determination shone through as she rose to become MD of her first company. She is a pioneer in the realm of healing and transformation. As the MD of Botanic Minds, she stands at the forefront of a revolution in unconventional healing modalities. With her unparalleled expertise, she has earned the esteemed title of #1 Transformation Strategist in Southeast Asia and Europe.  

Cécile has empowered countless individuals, from executives to parents, revolutionizing their mindsets with ancient and cutting-edge neuroscience-backed techniques. Author of "52 Truths About You," endorsed by Jack Canfield, Cécile's poetic wisdom guides minds in the right direction.  

Her mission is to address broad audiences, sowing and nurturing seeds that will foster authentic, swift, and enduring transformations.

Core Expertise

    The Art of Failing Forward

    Defy Conformity

    Unleash Creativity

    Cultivate a Lasting

    Sustainable Mindset.


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