Elizabeth's KeyNote

Building Trust and Credibility Online: Strategies for Effective Communication 


In an era defined by increasing online interactions and reliance on digital platforms, establishing trust has become paramount for businesses and individuals alike. The urgency to build credibility and forge authentic connections has surged as customers seek transparency, reliability, and genuine engagement in their online experiences. 

In this keynote, Elizabeth explores timely strategies and approaches that address the pressing need to build trust and credibility in the current digital climate:


  • She underscores the importance of presenting a genuine and consistent image online, aligning messaging with core values, and creating a transparent and trustworthy brand persona.
  • She emphasizes the need for consistency in brand messaging across various online channels to maintain authenticity and strengthen brand perception.
  • She delves into effective communication strategies that contribute to building trust. This includes techniques for crafting clear and compelling marketing messages, actively listening to customer needs, empathizing with their concerns, and responding in a timely manner.
Establishing an authentic online presence, aligning messaging with values, and fostering transparent communication is vital for businesses aiming to earn customer loyalty, differentiate themselves from competitors, and drive sustainable growth.

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a knowledgeable and accomplished Digital Marketing Specialist with over 25 years of experience in business training and execution. She loves to find clarity in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and uses this to educate professionals about strategies and techniques they can use to grow their businesses. Elizabeth is a fully qualified trainer, holding an ACLP training certificate and also a postgraduate diploma in education for adults. 


Elizabeth launched her own training and consultancy business, ELIZABETH TAYLOR COACHING, in January 2020. She provides business and marketing audits, digital marketing training, and 121 business coaching. Elizabeth supports professionals and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by providing clarity and direction on their goals, target market, communication channels, and content. Previous to this, the majority of Elizabeth’s early career was within the entertainment industry, focused on marketing DVDs for Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, and MGM.

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