Katja's KeyNote

Revealing The Secrets Of (Not) Being (Mis-) Understood  
An enlightening discourse about different communicative cultures:


  • the long way between saying something, being heard, and being truly understood  
  • how to turn words into real conversations

(En)Courage to Speak (Up)


Why Talking is Gold and Silence is the Beginning of All Trouble.


  • what does it take to speak with resonance AND relevance
  • how can we turn assumptions into meaningful conversations?

How the Way We Work Will Shape the Way We Will Talk


Does the New World of Work and AI mean the death or the revival of communication?


  • what does it take to find the balance between communicative context and authenticity 
  • where to find the balance between WE and I in our conversations

About Katja

Katja Schleicher is a sought-after global keynote speaker known for her expertise in cross-cultural understanding between countries and within organizations, specifically in international and multicultural business environments. Her strength lies in her ability to get to the bottom of what really matters in communication. She makes a conference an inspiring and memorable experience for the audience.


Combining her background in journalism and her expertise as a corporate trainer, Katja’s talks are powerful, entertaining, and empathetic. Known for her provocative style and sense of humor on stage, Katja specializes in addressing the daily communication challenges that humans encounter in everyday business. Her clients value her expertise and her passion for transforming communication for the better, ultimately making businesses more sustainable. Katja delivers keynotes in English, German & Dutch, and switches seamlessly between these languages.

Core Expertise

    Agile communication

    StoryTelling For Business

    Resilient Communication


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