Sarah's KeyNote

HOW TO LEAD FEARLESSLY (why leaders should and can face their fear of rejection)


Outcomes: Mental toughness, Leading with confidence, Overcoming imposter syndrome, PERMISSION to be authentic.


Context: The number one thing that holds humans back?


It's FEAR.


Whether it's fear of failure or fear of rejection, the truth is everyone experiences fear in some form or another.  The instinctive response is to resist the things that scare us. But that’s no way to live. And it’s no way to lead. In fact, it’s a real buzz kill.


Sarah spent 20 years in the RAF flying combat helicopters, being shot at, being mortared, and occasionally crashing into things; she’s had plenty of opportunities to experience fear. She’ll share the thing that scares her most of all - rejection - and how to change your relationship with, not just the fear of rejection, but also rejection itself so that you can lead authentically AND still keep your friends.  




About Sarah

After graduating from Cambridge University, Sarah followed her dream to become a Top Gun pilot in the RAFAfter flying the Hawk aircraft, she switched to flying helicopters, where she led on operational combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. She was a tactics instructor and also taught human performance and risk management at the world-class Defence Academy of the UK. During her experiences both at home and at war, she made two important discoveries;


- resilience and performance are NOT instinctive


- But humans have an extraordinary ability to thrive and even excel under pressure when they know how.


She now has ONE mission. To share the secret to outstanding resilience, performance, and courage “under fire”.  

Her speaking style is robust (she is a combat helicopter pilot and fluent in the alpha male), proven in combat, backed by science, and good-humouredShe has a 7-year-old son who she adores and who inspires her every day.

Core Expertise


    Performance and Productivity

    Leadership “under fire”


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