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Abam weaves subject matter expertise in employment law and risk management, with her personal experience as an African-born, US-educated, Asia-domiciled working professional mother and leader to deliver engaging and timely keynotes on leadership, women empowerment, risk-taking and diversity. She has been privileged to address audiences from the World Health Organization and Transparency International to corporate leadership teams, professional conferences and graduates. Her talk on "Creating Your Seat at the Table" for the Corporate Counsel Women of Color (CCWC) has nabbed almost 100,000 views on Youtube.  


She is passionate about giving voice to diverse perspectives and continuously challenges entrenched beliefs about what leadership should look like, a woman's role in society, and the role that employees and effective communication play in risk and change management. Abam is excited about engaging you, your teams, organizations and communities on: - Redefining leadership in a cross-cultural context - The role of diverse perspectives on teams - Voicing women and minority issues in the workplace; and - Embracing change and taking risks as a working mother. 

About Abam

Abam Mambo-Doh is a global leader with experience in employment lawethics, and risk management. As regional Ethics and Compliance Officer for a Fortune 500 Pharma company, she oversees the strategy and implementation of the region's governance framework. A lawyer by background, Abam spent nine years advising executives and HR professionals on fair employment practices, inclusion and diversity, and change management. A published writer (Farafina, African Roar, etc.), chief editor, and columnist for literary, news, and lifestyle magazines (African Vibes), Abam's writing examines culture, womanhood, voice, and identity politics.  


She also speaks on leadership and female empowerment, risk-taking, corporate governance, and the evolving workplace. Passionate about holistic health and self-advocacy, Abam co-founded Flexcare Health Solutions, which educates patients on effective self-care management of chronic diseases, and she serves on the Board of Brave Venture Labs, a tech startup that helps employers leverage AI to attract the right talent. The Cameroonian native has lived and led teams in North America, Africa, and Asia. 

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