Adaobi's KeyNote

Unleashing Your Potential: Fear Should Never Win  


Ada introduces her audience to the life of possibilities and the enormous power they possess from within when they choose to act without fear. In her keynote, she shares her first-hand experience of fear and its crippling and paralysing effects, and how it took over her life. 


Ada talks about the power of the mind and having a growth mindset to gain the strength to unleash ourselves from the fear holding us back from achieving our full potential. She explains how this helped her and gave her the ability to work with women across the globe, helping them transform their lives and say no to fear. 


About Adaobi

Adaobi Ezeadum (nèe Ibeanu) is a divergent thinker, public speaker, mindset coach (Fear Strategist), and a lady with a positive mental attitude. She is the founder and chairperson on the board of trustees of the Empowered Sapiens Mulier Initiative (ESMI) – an NGO that seeks to provide solutions to socio-cultural women (girl) problems through community projects while leveraging innovative advocacy strategies. 


Adaobi’s coaching prowess has helped women by putting them on the journey to self-discovery or rediscovery. She is committed to helping them reprogram their minds and not letting fear win. She is passionate about seeing women reinvent themselves where necessary and become the best version of themselves. She has a mantra that “all women will one day realize they are so powerful; much more powerful than society has made them believe”.  

She is a licensed Nigerian attorney, a wife and mother, lover of God, and author of the book The Woman Within. 

Core Expertise

    Saying No to Fear

    Woman Within

    Women in Leadership


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