Arun's KeyNote

Lately there is one thing that has caught my attention and that is - Augmented Reality & it's numerous possibilities. Year 2018 was predicted as the year of the AR and then early 2019 predictions proclaimed it all to be a hype and then again come Q1 2019, AR seems back in the limelight. In my opinion, the immersive technologies AR/VR/XR are here to stay. They are going to change the way we look and interact with things. In fact, it is now said that the AR & VR market is going to grow to $170 billion by 2022. So let me help you come up to speed on AR.

Core Expertise

  • Digitization
  • Technology

About Arun

"Arun Tamhankar is the CEO of Coreview.Asia which focuses on engineering innovative technology solutions to enable business outcomes. Ms. Arun leads the team in using emerging technologies like AR/IoT/AI to create custom products & offerings that often surpass expectations. She believes in using the correct technology with the appropriate ROI when leading digital transformation journeys. She is also a loved people leader and a visionary, who is known to care deeply for her team. Ms. Arun has been in the digital space for over 18 years, mostly in the US. Prior to Coreview.Asia, she was in various leadership positions at Visa Inc, Clearwire USA and T-Mobile USA. She led the roll out of the first 4G network in the US, launched digital platforms & consumer products. Her joint work with Microsoft was presented by Bill Gates at the ITU conference. She holds patents in her name in the area of emergency response and has a couple other pending. Ms. Arun holds a Masters degree in Electrical & Computer engineering from the University of Texas.


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