Aurelie's KeyNote

"Power through risk“ and how to manage it Realizing the obvious Speaking about risk management within any corporation or at home immediately brings up in mind words such as regulatory restrictions or even blank eyes. But risk identification and management are so much more than that and are so powerful. We use risk management in our daily life without even noticing it, and this is how we manage to build ourselves up, to avoid mistakes (or not repeating them) and to grow up. Not everybody realizes it but once it's identified and embraced the path to our goals become clearer.  It's the same vision at a corporate level: developing a strong risk culture means quicker decisions can be taken with a proper understanding of the potential gaps and mitigating them. We are living in a fast speed growing economy and corporations do not have the luxury to just rely on a group of expert employees to do this task on behalf of the whole entity. People have to be empowered at all levels so that risk can be avoided before becoming issues. Building a risk culture in an organization is a challenge but will ensure sustainability and flexibility for the incoming years. f you want to see how easy risk can be used as an empowering tool for yourself, your career or your organization, contact Aurelie to see how awareness can be raised, culture can be embraced and which practical and simple solutions can be implemented."

Core Expertise

  • Leadership
  • Management

About Aurelie

Aurelie is president of Primetime Business & Professional Women Association, a non-profit organization that helps professional women to achieve their highest potential through training, inspiring presentations, and networking. Aurelie worked in leadership roles for major banking and insurance companies for 12 years. Her journey brought her through the different categories of risk (operational, credit, reputational, and much more),  through different countries in Europe and Asia, and through different sectors (private bank, asset management, corporate banking, general insurance). She was head of Enterprise Risk Management for AIG Singapore in one of her last roles and currently heads Enterprise Risk Management APAC for Credit Suisse. She had the opportunity to study the Do and don'ts of risk management through these years, and she identified how risk management  can be an amazingly strong tool to support a company strategy at all levels. She fell in love with Singapore in 2004 while doing an exchange school program, and has built her life here since then with her family and friends.