Aurelie's KeyNote

Power through risk and how to manage it  


Speaking about risk, whether in a corporation or at home, brings up the ideas of danger or restrictions. But the risk is so much more than that and there is an unknown power within. We use risk management in our daily lives without even thinking about it, this is how we manage to be stronger and to avoid mistakes (or not repeat them). Once we identify the risks in our life, know how to avoid them or to control them, the path to our goals becomes clearer.  


It's the same vision at a corporate level; developing a strong risk culture means quicker decisions can be taken with a proper understanding of the potential gaps and the solution to them. People have to be empowered at all levels so that risk can be avoided before becoming an issue. Building a risk culture in an organisation is a challenge but will ensure sustainability and flexibility for the coming years. If you want to understand how easily risk can be used as an empowering tool for yourself, your career, or your organisation, contact Aurelie to see how awareness can be raised, culture can be embraced, and which practical and simple solutions can be implemented. 

About Aurelie

Aurelie is currently APAC Risk Lead for Microsoft Asia. She has over 15 years of international experience in risk management and audit, mainly in banking and insurance. Her journey brought her through different risk areas (operational, credit, regulatory, market, and cyber risks) different countries in Europe and Asia, and different sectors (private banking, asset management, corporate banking, and general insurance). Aurelie is also a fervent supporter of women’s professional development and leadership 


She's the former President of PrimeTime Business and Professional Women's Association, whose vision is to help professional women to achieve their highest potential through training, networking, and events. She also leads the Women at Microsoft Singapore Chapter and is a strong fervent supporter of diversity and inclusion at all levels. Born in France, she discovered Singapore through an exchange programme in 2004. She fell in love with the country its culture and the food and has built her life here with her family and friends. 

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